Video: Ryan Seaton Quartet

Last weekend, Roy Webb made a guest appearance with the Ryan Seaton Quartet, playing piano. Here’s a video, where you can hear Roy (and see him at ~1:30):

I have said before that the Ryan Seaton Quartet has the potential to go places quickly, if they so desire. If Roy joined . . . wow.

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  1. Have told Ryan from the first time I heard the 4 that they could go a long way if they want to. Could take the gospel music community by storm!!!!! Love these gentlemen…….Thank you for commenting on them!!!

  2. They have a better sound than Signature Sound…AWESOME!! Gospel Music needs another great quartet to come out and make a splash. Hearing Aaron McCune, I’m surprised that Ernie Haase didn’t give him a shot when Tim Duncan left.

    • How do you know he didn’t? Maybe it just didn’t work out…

  3. Ryan is a great guy and an incredible talent. He represents much of what our music needs to impact future generations. Anything he chooses to do will be great. His solo project is outstandig but if he decides to put together a group I’m sure it will be received very well. He had a great mentor in Ernie. It was great to see him and Roy together.

  4. Too bad the camera being used couldn’t pick up the low-end properly. It kept cutting out the low notes. Low quality mic I am assuming? The video quality was decent though.

    I really wish we could hear a GOOD quality clip of these guys. I imagine it would be incredible.

    • Flip cameras don’t have the greatest mics, but they’re not bad. Probably has more to do with the other three power voices and the fact that Aaron was farthest away from the camera.

      • Actually, I can almost guarantee that was an older-generation Flip. For the final several years the Flips were made, they were all high-definition.

  5. Sure did enjoy hearing Ryan & his quartet. Hope they decide to go full time. I really enjoyed EHSS with Roy, Ryan & Tim. Really miss seeing them.

  6. Do they have a CD? Also, is that their official name? I don’t like people-centered names if you know what I mean (Brian Free and Assurance, Ernie Haase…, ect)

    • Luke – they have that name for a simple reason. At the time they formed, though two other members had been members of national groups, Ryan was the only one with a current national contract and currently pursuing a (national-level) solo career. Also, he was the one putting the group together. Further, this was originally planned to be a just-for-fun quartet that only sang on occasion.

  7. I agree with Luke. Ryan Seaton Quartet sounds kinda weak. They need a cool name like the Crooners or something with a little more thought. They do sound good, though. Hope they can hang togther for a while. And is that the old tenor from Austin’s Bridge. Kinda looks like him – he was really good.

  8. Just watched their rendition of Then Came the Morning. WOW!

  9. I asked Ryan if the RSQ would be putting together a CD. He said, yes – that’s the plan.

    I saw the video of them singing ‘Then Came the Morning’ too. They really sounded wonderful

    It’s great that Ryan was able to get Roy to perform with them. It’s great too that Ryan was able to provide some vocals on Tim’s new CD. 🙂

    What really got me into SG music was the original EHSSQ members. Even though the group is not together anymore, each member will have a special place in my heart.

  10. So, am I correct in assuming that this group is traveling full-time with Ryan? There may have been mention of that and I just missed it.

    • Limited schedule, I think, for now.

  11. Does anybody else find it ironic that Aaron originally did this song with Gold City. Roy Webb came on board with Gold City and played this song with them. Just a little ironic to me. (: haha

    • I don’t think it’s a big deal or a big surprise. It’s fairly standard practice in our genre for singers who had frequently requested songs with a group to continue singing those frequently requested songs which the fans associate with them once they’ve left.

    • I did find it ironic that Webb connects the two groups in that he played for EHSS while Ryan was in there and Gold City (albeit after Aaron had left).

  12. Who says quartets can’t be cool, eh?
    Even with the full suits though, I always thought the Cathedrals were the coolest :-))

  13. Great Job, When are you coming to Tulsa, Oklahoma?
    Is Roy touring with you guys?