Saturday News Roundup #93

Worth Knowing

  • Valor III: Long-time Blackwood Brothers bass singer Ken Turner has joined Valor III. The group will now be known as “Ken Turner & Valor III.” (An aside: Singing News states, oddly, that Turner spent 25 years with the Blackwood Brothers; he joined in about 1971 and left in about 1986, making it closer to fifteen years.)
  • Dills: The Dills are experimenting with a crowd-funding model for their new worship recording. Much like Kickstarter projects, there are different rewards for different levels of contributions. Check it out here.
  • McKameys: In the McKameys’ latest news update, posted on their website, they shared that their hometown, Clinton, Tennessee, presented them with a Lifetime Achievement Award on October 1. They commented: “What an honor! We were humbly surprised. A lifetime achievement award for 31 years of full-time and faithful service in traveling and singing Gospel Music and Telling the Story of Jesus Christ! What an honor to be recognized by your own home-town!”
  • Ollis Family: Former Whisnants / Dixie Melody Boys pianist Eric Ollis, his wife Laura, and their oldest son Payton have announced a family music ministry. Eric started accompanying Laura in her appearances at ladies’ conferences in 2008. The Ollis family will be scheduling conferences, worship events, and concerts. More information will be available at
  • Plainsmen: Ernie Couch & Revival has posted an extensive history of the Plainsmen here. (Warning: There is a swear word in a direct quotation at one point.)
  • Weatherfords: The Weatherfords recently announced on Facebook that have finally gotten licensing clearance to reissue their classic recording, In the Garden (1959), on CD. It will be available for purchase here.

Worth Reading

Don’t miss Friday Night Revival’s piece on The Hair Piece.

Worth Watching

Here is what is likely the first professionally recorded video of Wilburn & Wilburn, from their recent TBN taping:

Worth Anticipating

Upcoming CD Reviews:

  • 11/4: Amen (Down East Boys)
  • 11/11: Everlasting Truth (Michael Booth)
  • 11/18: Songs from the Heart (Triumphant Quartet)
  • 11/25: Baptized on Sunday (Penny Loafers)
  • 12/2: American Christian (Melody Boys Quartet)
  • 12/9: A Country Campmeeting (Palmetto State Quartet)
  • 12/16: Step Up (Torchmen Quartet)
  • 12/23: Journey (Libbi Perry Stuffle)
  • 12/30: A Country Campmeeting (Three Bridges)
  • 1/6: You’ve Got to Believe (Homeland Harmony Quartet)
  • 1/13: A Wonderful Life (Legacy Five)
  • 1/20: A Country Campmeeting (Triumphant Quartet)
  • 1/27: Steve Ladd (Steve Ladd)
  • 2/3: God’s Been Faithful (Liberty Quartet)
  • 2/10: The Call is Still the Same (Dixie Melody Boys)
  • 2/17: Turn to the Cross (Sanctuary Quartet)
  • 2/24: Family Ties (Wilburn & Wilburn)
  • 3/2: Living in Grace (Cavaliers Quartet)

(Dates subject to change, if a really incredible CD comes along that we just have to bump up the line, or if a publicist bugs us enough that we bump a CD up and/or cancel the review.)

Worth Discussing

It’s open thread Saturday; you decide!

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  1. I have been wondering lately what happens with all these groups named after a current member when that member retires? I’m already dreading the day Mark Trammell retires….

    On another note, Legacy Five youtube channel has some great interviews with the guys, based on questions sent in. Glen Dustin is the most recent. Very cool feature.

    • Most groups of that stature retire after their namesake retires, and members move on to other ventures.

  2. Perhaps Ken Turner sang for a total of 25 years with the Blackwood Bros, and the James Blackwood Qt.

    • That is closer to 25. However, the actual sentence in the story in question states: “He sang 25 years with James Blackwood as part of the Blackwood Brothers.” That wouldn’t even really be accurate if it said 15, since James Blackwood wasn’t singing with the Blackwood Brothers as late as 1986.

      • I guess another example of “fudging” the info.

      • I’m assuming it’s accidental. We all make typos! 🙂

  3. It is great that Ray Reese was able to finally get the “Kingsmen” name after the original members retired. He really deserved it!

    • He has had it back for six or seven years now.

      • I just meant it took a while for him to obtain the name, which imo he well deserves.

  4. I have “In The Garden” on cassette. It is widely thought to be one of the best SG recording ever made. I would love to have it on CD.

  5. I am on my ipad, so it may be just the terrible speakers in it, but wilburn and wilburn sounded very offtune towards the end of he song. Or Is it just my ipad speakers?

    • Probably just your speakers 🙂

  6. Hey Daniel, are you planning to review Legacy Five’s new DVD?

    • I don’t know. I don’t presently have it.

    • Wow! Very, very cool!

    • Cool! My parents went there in September. They loved it!

      • I’ve been there once or twice. My family has actually been supporting AIG from the month they started. 🙂

      • It seems like a really neat place from what we’ve heard from friends!

      • It’s only about an hour from Louisville (maybe 90 minutes?), so it’s a great spot to add to an NQC trip

        … assuming you have limitless energy, of course!

      • Limitless energy, no kidding!

        BTW: Speaking of the Creation Museum, our friends loved it so much they threatened to move there and apply for jobs at the museum. We didn’t think it was worth leaving Minnesota, though… 🙂

      • It’s a great place, but … move to the Cincinnati area? Who in their right mind would want to live in a city that big, even to work at a place that great? My, my! 🙂

      • Well, they thrive in city living, actually. It’s easier for us to imagine them living in Cincinnati than our small country town! 🙂

      • If big cities are going to exist, I guess someone has to live there. I just am completely unable to understand the mindset of someone who would want to! 🙂

  7. HEY !! Watch the Cincinnati comments !! LOL …… we LOVE Cincinnati as our hometown …… we think it’s the greatest place on the planet to call HOME !!

    • Well, I will take you as a strong case in point to show that sane people are capable of calling a big city home! 🙂