“The Vegetables Song” (Legacy Five)

Am I the only person who has heard Legacy Five sing “The Vegetables Song”?

The message of the song–that God provides for everything–is especially timely this Thanksgiving season. (“Don’t listen to me, listen closely to the words.”)

As the song affirms, God provides for our every need–a message especially timely this Thanksgiving season.

The Vegetables Song (featuring Frank)
Oh, there’s peas, when I leave it in Your hands
Sweet peas, when I leave it in Your hands
Just leave ’em there and never pick ’em up again
There’s peas, when I leave it in Your hands

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  1. You had me going on this one, Daniel!!!

  2. It really is a great song — when you have the right words!

  3. I haven’t heard this song by L5 but when Jerry Martin was with The Kingsmen he sang a beautiful song called Sweet Peas. He gives me sweet peas when I’m down in the valley…

  4. A lot of groups sing “Lettuce have a little talk with Jesus…”