Cain sings Rambo song at press conference

An unusual news tidbit: Earlier today, presidential candidate Herman Cain sang the first verse of Dottie Rambo’s “He Looked Beyond my Fault and Saw my Need” at a high-profile appearance at the National Press Club. You just never know where a Southern Gospel song might pop up!

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  1. I suppose it goes without saying he’s a better singer than John Ashcroft?

    • I didn’t hear the press conference – I only saw media coverage!

  2. Cain’s mini-performance will be featured on Fox & Friends within the next few minutes.

    • I doubt the liberal media will allow many people to see that. Herman did a great job with a great song. I am totally impressed…

      • It’s on CNN’s website, but they need to brush up on their gospel music: “Cain Sings ‘Amazing Grace’ to Press”

      • What can you expect from the media? They get everything else wrong! 🙂

        (Yes, that was toungue in cheek … kinda!)

  3. Fox incorrectly titled the song “Amazing Grace,” as well.

    • I wonder if the associated press got it wrong and passed it along to everyone else. Either that or because the lyrics say “Amazing Grace has always been my song of praise”. Nonetheless, you would think most people (except perhaps recent generations who sadly might be more apt to know “Amazing Grace (my chains are Gone” instead.

      • I put a link to my facebook page, but didn’t mention the name of the song. It is “He looked beyond my Faults” isn’t it? Beat me with a songbook, but I really am not sure.

  4. NQC 2012: Featuring Herman Cain

    • Let’s see if he survives this week’s scandals first…

  5. Considering his place in society, I would have sung the the song “Through It All” as I would be reaching out to the churched and unchurched people.
    Hoping the situation turn more favorably toward him, singing a song like “He Looked Beyond my Fault and Saw my Need” or “Till the Storm Passes By”opens the door for an unfavorably perceptional view of him even if come clean witout a shadow of a doubt.
    Perceptional viewpoints does more damage than the reality of the situation.
    At least, the believer in Christ has the grace of God to give strength in any given situation.

    • GMF,
      I agree with you, but if we talk about his song selection we’d also have to ask, was this spontaneous or planned? And if it was spontaneous then he probably just sang the first Gospel song that popped into his head. So we shouldn’t fault him for singing “He looked beyond my Fault…” I just think it’s good he didn’t try to do a Triumphant Quartet cover of “Terrible Time Down There”. Talk about negative press coverage. 🙂