Singing News November 2011: Tidbits and Intentional Misunderstandings

In this month’s Singing News:

  • Page 2: Legacy Five has “A Wonderful Life.”
  • Page 4: How could the editor forget the Pilgrims?
  • Page 5: “27/’Unforgiven’/Adam Crabb.” Why did he put his name after that?
  • Page 14: Ivan forgot “Greatly.”
  • Page 20: A most unlikely Southern Gospel artist wins “Nashville 2011 Top 25” beauty pageant . . . (“Let the reader understand.”)
  • Page 32: At least one reader non-artist reader of this blog was spotted here. Can you find more?
  • Page 45: Southern Gospel at the “Manatee!”
  • Page 63: Bluegrass Chart: “5/’Gonna be Movin’/ Balsam Range.” That will be a difficult chore as many of them are over 6000 feet tall! “With God all things are possible.”

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  1. I always love reading these because it reminds me to check my digital subscription.

  2. (Re: Page 32) I see Diane

    • Correct!

  3. Who are we supposed to be looking for on page 32?

    We’re glad you stayed at it! 🙂


    • I’m not quite sure myself, so hopefully they notice this and reply!