Video: Unique Rendition of “Old Ship of Zion”

This is quite possibly the most unique version of “The Old Ship of Zion” yet recorded. At any rate, it’s almost certainly the least expected. Hungarian recording artist Kayamar, whose previous work includes an acapella plus beatboxing song for a Hungarian T-Mobile commercial, set out to record this Southern Gospel classic in five-part harmony. He believes he’s breaking the world record for lowest note recorded; while it may not be lowest frequency ever emitted by a human voice, this note is off the bottom of the piano keyboard and is certainly one of the lowest notes recorded while still audible to the human ear. To top things off, in addition to hitting this note, he sings all other partsβ€”including tenor.Β 

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  1. He’s even as good a tenor singer as … Glenn Dustin. πŸ™‚

    • it’s the rendition of Valor’s version. I think he’s as low as Paul David Kennamer, Jr.

  2. This is a cover of the same arrangement done by the group Valor. However, it is impressive he is doing all of the parts.

    • Of course, Valor’s was, in turn, based on the classic Kingsmen arrangement.

  3. He finally tuned the last note. πŸ™‚
    BTW, my name and email still don’t stay in the cache, I have to put them in every time.

    • Sorry about that! Not sure yet what’s causing that.

      • If it’s just me maybe it is blocked by Ghostery (it wasn’t before). Did you do an add-on to fix it? I could try to unblock what might be it.

      • I’m still seeing it; it’s still playing for me.

      • No, I mean I have to type in my email and name each time to comment. πŸ™‚

  4. Very interesting….

  5. I get the giggles watching this. All of the elements combined just strike me very funny. The accent, the facial expressions, and watching the various “group members” take each lead line ( oh, wait! that’s the same guy!!!) just gave me the giggle fits.

    I would be very interested in knowing who they got all this to sync up considering it IS A cappella, and there was no track to follow.

    • That was supposed to be “how they got it to sync up” not “who.”

    • It was funny! But there was also enough talent there to make it worthwhile.

      • Oh, AND he threw in a wardrobe change! lol

  6. Funny clip:-)

    Call me odd, but I would still much rather hear The Kingsmen rendition. (preferably the Chatanooga Live version)

    • Wow! This was great. There will never be another Chattanooga Live recording though. I just about wore a hole in my record when I was a kid. I had never heard anything like it before. Call me odd too, Dan. πŸ™‚

  7. That E-flat he’s hitting on the word “board” sounds like the bottom one on the keyboard to me. Granted, I’m listening on cheap laptop speakers made by Sony…never buy a Sony laptop if you value audio quality.

    • I couldn’t even hear the lower notes on my netbook until I plugged in some headphones which helped some.

  8. I listened to it again with some quality headphones to get a better feel for the bass “notes” at the end. Does it count if there is no tone to the note? Does it count if it’s out of tune with the rest of the “group”?

  9. quartet-man: On your earlier question, if you have a utility on your system that gets rid of cookies, temporary internet files, etc., you’ll have to enter your info again.

    • Thanks Dan, but I don’t. I am not doing anything differently than I was before he changed the layout and it worked fine until then.

  10. For what its worth, it is the same for me, I have to enter my name and email each time…

    • It seemed to resolve itself for most users. I still don’t know why it hasn’t for you. Sorry!

      • I’ve been having to do that for several weeks. Thankfully, my browser remembers what I typed before, so I only have to type a “D” and select each time.

      • Yeah, after I type Q on that and type the first letter of my email I can select which I want to choose, but it is still more effort than it used to be. I just chose to simplify instead of confusing the issue. I guess I should have said more literally that it doesn’t keep my username or email in its memory.

      • Same issue here. I just tried to clear cookies, we’ll see if that helps…

      • Nope

      • I just realized what happened. WordPress has been moving in the direction of getting theme developers to use its own built-in comment form, instead of building their own as part of the theme. That’s probably the issue here – WordPress’s built-in comment form. It must not remember like the others.

  11. It might be our browsers or OSes. I am trying with I.E. and will see.

  12. No good with I.E. either.

  13. This is VERY unique…does he qualify as a soloist or a family group? πŸ™‚

    Oh, no! Ben is trying to “fry” all of the notes to the bottom of the piano (and he succeeded)! Ahhhhhhh! We are reminding him that he is NOT Kayamar. πŸ™‚


    • I think he just qualifies as a freak of nature!

      While your ears do have my sympathy, still . . . congratulations, Ben! That’s surely something I can’t do. Even on my best days to date, I’ve only been able to fry down to the lowest Eb on the piano!

      • Freak of nature, no kidding! πŸ™‚

        The LAs just watched the video and offer their thoughts…

        Caleb: It’s okay; it’s pretty good. I like it!

        Sam: That’s interesting, but he doesn’t make a very good tenor.

        Jayme had no comment. πŸ™‚

  14. This is the exact same arrangement that The Vocal Union did on one of their albums, he’s good though…..impressive!