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    • Thanks, Josh! I just added this to the post.

  1. That is very interesting…Keith was with them this weekend at our church and I thought that with some more time he would make a good addition to the group…I guess McCray did too.

    • I’m curious; how well did he handle the higher material? I’m thinking along the lines of “I Recall.”

      • Keith has a pretty high voice period. he did very well on the high material.

      • Good to hear. I was familiar with his Anchormen work and I know he has a pretty high voice, but I wondered whether or not he had that much of an upper range to sing stuff like I mentioned. I’m looking forward to seeing some video footage of him with the Dove Brothers!

  2. Congrats to Keith! Great video too, that baritone is awesome!! Wonder when he’ll get back into SG??

    • Robbie,
      Maybe when he stops posting bulldozer jumping comments on Facebook and starts focusing on putting a group together.


  3. Speaking of tenors, did the Mark Trammell Quartet ever find one after Joel Wood left?

    • Not yet – they’re working with a fill-in right now.

  4. This is a HUGE step up for Keith. Somehow, I’m just not seeing this as a good fit though…