Concert Review: Dove Brothers with Keith Casstevens (Shelby, OH)

On Sunday, November 13, Daniel’s Siblings went to a Dove Brothers concert at a church near us.

Song list:

  • One Day at a Time featuring Keith Casstevens
  • I Recall featuring Burman Porter
  • If I Knew Then featuring McCray Dove
  • Life Can Have a New Meaning featuring Eric Dove
  • Little is Much featuring KeithIntroductions: It was Keith Casstevens’ third night helping them out. He was their booking agent and previously sang lead with the Anchorman. McCray Dove still sings Lead, Eric Dove still sings Baritone, and their “original bass singer” Burman Porter is back! In the Dove Brothers Band were: Joe Lane playing keyboard, Jacob Danieley playing guitars (who, by the way, is “always smiling”), and Devin Dove playing drums. We think that Devin Dove is in charge of the band, which might seem funny until you consider that he has been there longer than the other two musicians (to our knowledge). It is not entirely unheard of to have the drummer in charge of the band (Ricky Free and Brandon Reese).
  • Long Black Train featuring Burman Porter. McCray introduced this one by saying that Burman Porter used to like and talk about Randy Travis all the time, but now he likes Josh Turner. Therefore, he has been asked to sing Long Black Train. Apparently Mr. Porter sings all the time and will at least try to sing anything he is asked to do.
  • There’s Been a Change in Me featuring McCray. He wrote this song on Father’s Day, and it is basically his Dad’s life story.
  • Operator featuring Burman Porter. Mr. Porter did his first bass slide of the night on this song, and it was impressive! He shook the floors (aka: rattled people’s cages)! He did more bass slides on songs after the intermission. After a reprise, the crowd finally got on their feet and stayed up for another reprise.
  • Following the music-less intermission, The Dove Brothers came back and kicked off the second half with Didn’t it Rain and Get Away Jordan. The stage was not big enough for their usual choreography, but they did a little. Shelby, Ohio, must have been a tough crowd because while there was applause, there was no standing ovation. 
  • Still Singing the Song. McCray dedicated this song to all the couples married 50 or more years.
  • They Wouldn’t Forgive Me. A new song that McCray recently wrote about situations where a church leader falls, and the people around them “keep them down” instead of forgiving and reaching out to them.
  • He is Here featuring Keith Casstevens. It was a nice ballad. They segued from this song to Won’t it be Wonderful There with which they closed the concert.

Following are photos from the concert.

Update (11/17/2011, 7:05 P.M.): McCray Dove also recorded a video greeting; technical issues delayed its posting until now. Here it is:

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  1. Would “He Is Here” be the same song that Kirk Talley made popular, and has now been brought back by Wes Hampton?

    • Yes; it seems to be a good fit for his voice, too.

  2. Great Concert! Not a dry eye in the crowd! Everybody check out the Dove Bros. when they are in your area.

  3. Just updated with a (spoken-word) video!

    Technical issues delayed it until now.

    • There he is THE McCray Dove sitting in our chapel, off the Sanctuary.