Book Review: Set Your Voice Free (Roger Love with Donna Frazier)

Originally published on The Biblical Bookshelf.

Roger Love’s Set Your Voice Free explains proper vocal technique for singing and speaking.

Lowve’s techniques are sound—but his presentation methods are another story. The book is filled with inappropriate and suggestive language, both in Love’s narrative and in his quotations from popular songs and movies. (Incidentally, Love tried so hard to be relevant and contemporary with his name-dropping and pop culture references that, a mere dozen years after its publication, the book seems oddly quaint.)

Love devotes the final chapter to encouraging his readers to immerse themselves in transcendental meditation and other music-influenced imports from Eastern religions.

Learning proper voice technique is commendable, but Set Your Voice Free is not the way to go. It does not belong on a Biblical Bookshelf and receives our lowest rating, one star.

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