CD Review: Until Now (Gerald Wolfe)

Rating: 4.5 (of 5)

Average Song Rating: 4.2 (of 5)

Producer: Various; compiled by Gerald Wolfe.

Song List: Introduction (Wait For An Answer); I Still Cling to the Old Rugged Cross; Land of Living; Cherish That Name; The Eyes of Jesus; Champion of Love; Just One More Soul; No Wonder; There Is A River; O Holy Night; You’ll Carry Me Through; The Spirit of Brokenness; ‘Til the Storm Passes By.

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This album is a collection of Gerald Wolfe’s best known feature songs from his 25 years in Southern Gospel music. Seven of the thirteen songs are from Greater Vision projects; three are new recordings, and there is one each from Wolfe’s brief late-80s solo career, his early-80s Dumplin Valley Trio days, and his childhood.

The track from his childhood starts the project. It’s Wolfe’s earliest known recording, singing “Wait For an Answer” at age 4. Wolfe had a remarkable sense of pitch then, and stayed pretty close to pitch even when he couldn’t enunciate all the consonants that 4-year-olds have trouble with. (It’s the sort of thing that you just wish had been captured on home video.)

Rather than progressing in chronoligical order, the next song is the project’s new song, Wolfe’s rendition of “I Still Cling to the Old Rugged Cross.” The transition from Wolfe at 4 accompanied by piano to Wolfe in his 40s accompanied by a full orchestra (either the Prague Symphony Orchestra or the Nashville String Machine) is slightly jarring on the first listen, but becomes a fun contrast on later spins.

Given that this is more or less a career retrospective project, the most notable omission from the song list is that there are no Cathedral Quartet tracks on the project. There are other renditions of songs Wolfe recorded while with the Cathedrals (“Land of Living,” “Champion of Love”), but no tracks actually featuring the Cathedrals. Chances are that the cost of licensing the actual Cathedrals recordings was prohibitive—perhaps even more expensive than the new full-budget recording of “Champion of Love.”

However, the Cathedrals tracks aren’t all that hard to find. Plus, Wolfe’s 1986 rendition of “Land of Living” with the Dumplin Valley Trio is the sort of thing you couldn’t easily find anywhere else. Released just months before Wolfe joined the Cathedrals, this is the sort of thing (whether or not the actual song) that landed Wolfe the job. Wolfe, of course, would re-record the song shortly thereafter on the Cathedrals’ 1987 Land of Living Project.

“No Wonder,” a duet with Joy Gardner, is the only song from Wolfe’s solo career present on the project. It’s from his 1989 tape Hold Forth the Light.

So is this compilation worth purchasing? If you do not have most of Greater Vision’s earlier discography, you would have few of the songs on the project, and it would definitely be worth purchasing. If your Greater Vision collection is wide enough that you already have most of the songs on the project, then it depends on how much you like Wolfe as a vocalist. If you’re more a casual fan, you might just wait for it to be released digitally and purchase two or three highilght tracks. But if Wolfe is one of your favorite vocalists, there is enough new and hard-to-find material on this project that it’s worth the cost.

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  1. Daniel,
    You missed the obvious tie-in between the first song with Gerald as a 4-year old child and the 1st line of the second song…”As a child back in Sunday School!” 🙂

    I would rate the individual songs and the album higher than you did. Since this is a compilation of his career so far, the songs really MUST be considered along with the CD liner notes. To truly appreciate the songs, you need to know what Gerald thinks of the songs or why he included each particular song on this album. You know, he had hundreds of songs to chose from, so why did these songs make it to this special CD?

    I really enjoy this CD. And when I need a “Gerald” fix (‘Til the Storm Passes By, There Is A River, O Holy Night, Just One More Soul), this is the CD I listen to! NO ONE can top him on those songs!

    Now, there are no “lower register” songs on this CD, so when I want to hear Gerald using his “bass” voice, I go to “Meet Him At Calvary” on the “Not Alone” CD! 🙂 Just a little extra comment—— at no extra charge!!! 🙂

  2. Do keep in mind that 4.2 is right up at the top of average star ratings I’ve given any projects since I started posting them. All that means is that there’s a couple of three-star songs and a couple of four-star songs on there.

    I’ll also throw this in. If he had managed to get the Cathedrals’ versions of some of the songs on here—at least “Land of Living,” maybe one or two others—I would have been a little more likely to give it five stars.

    Can you have a career retrospective compilation without any songs done with the group where you became famous? Yes, you can—but it leaves enough of a hole worth pulling a half-star off the rating.

  3. I’m sure it wasn’t meant as a “slight” to leave off the Cathedrals. But, it didn’t bother me. George and Glen are gone, kicking up their heels in Heaven!!!

    You’re right. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a 4.5 for the album or a 4.2 for the songs, but to me, they’re 5s!!! 🙂 And, I am unashamed about my bias!

  4. I’m sure it wasn’t a slight. It probably just wasn’t logistically feasible.

    But still, not having any Cathedrals songs on the compilation was, IMO, a hole about the size of a half-star. 😉 (Not a full star!)

  5. I have this CD, and I think it’s great! I agree with you, that I wish there had been some Cathedrals in it…on the other hand, I’m thrilled that Champion of Love is back in circulation at GV concerts! It’s a CD of great songs, and as one who unashamedly claims Gerald Wolfe as one of my favorite vocalists of our time, I find it a valuable addition to my collection. 🙂

  6. I’ve been looking for the “hold Forth The Light” project for years because I love the song “No Wonder” on it….now I can get it !!!!! Yeah !!!

  7. Where do I go to get a copy of this, my Christian bookstore said they can’t get it ???

  8. No comment but rather how can I get this album and where can I get Land of Living.