Videos: First Look at Keith Casstevens with Dove Brothers

The first live videos of Keith Casstevens with the Dove Brothers have surfaced. Here’s a last verse / chorus and encore of “Little is Much”:

The same user posted two other videos from the night. In the first, Casstevens holds down the tenor part on the Dove Brothers’ long-time concert favorite, “Get Away Jordan.” The second, shaky enough to fall into the “listen more than watch” category, features Casstevens singing the concert-closer “He is Here.” 

This trio of videos should remove any doubt as to whether McCray Dove made a good hire. This may well be the Dove Brothers’ strongest lineup since the original group. Of course, vocally, two founding members are back after hiatuses, so this is 3/4 of the original vocal lineup. Casstevens’ tenor vocals are more likely to suggest Jerry Martin comparisons than John Rulapaugh comparisons—but then, Rulapaugh’s tone is so exquisite and unique that a group manager would be hard pressed to find a tenor who sounded like him.

Yet in that more Kingsmen-style vein, Casstevens more than holds his own. Of particular note is his ending on “He is Here,” where he takes a line and does it twice in light head tones, building to a big third time where he belts the lines out with power and confidence.

Yes, the Dove Brothers have had quite a few changes in the last two years (two changes at tenor, one at bass, one or two at piano, two at bass guitar). But don’t count them out—this lineup has what it takes to make its mark.

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  1. three leads and a bass…good sound

    • Keith did a great job when they came to our church…no one would have ever guessed it was his first weekend singing tenor.

  2. Keith is a great vocalist. Very impressive. He brings that kind of “pop” edge to his vocals with his rolls and such. Something the Dove Brothers really haven’t had before. Usually they’re very “traditional” in their solo’s and group sound. Should be interesting!

  3. Hmm!

  4. “3/4 of the original vocal lineup” So they used to be common, then they became waltz before becoming common again (but updated). 😉

  5. I thank keith really did good with the group they all sounded good, Keith is my cousin, I will always say that he is the best tenor singer I have heard. I really like hearing the whole group. Everyone was just right on evrything, I don’t no who the man is over the group but he has got some good singers. I have listened to keith every since I was a kid and I no he lives what he sings about, that makes alot of difference. I have never said nothing to him about his singing but I am so proud of him, not many people would do the things that keith has done to help his groups out through the years. He has got a heart and he is very special in my book. Thanks for the music.

    • Good to hear this affirmation from a relative of his!