Saturday News Roundup #97

Worth Knowing

  • Chuck Wagon Gang with Eddie StubbsChuck Wagon Gang: Friday, November 25th was the 75th anniversary of the Chuck Wagon Gang’s first recording. They spent their anniversary weekend in Nashville. On Saturday, they conducted a special 90-minute live broadcast from the legendary Earnest Tubb Record Shop; it was carried on WSM in Nashville, the flagship radio station of Country Music (and home of the Grand Ole Opry). That night, they also opened for WSM’s “Midnight Jamboree” program. After two concerts on Sunday, they ended their weekend appearing at the Ford Theater at the Country Music Hall of Fame. They were the featured artist at “An Intimate Evening with Eddie Stubbs.” Stubbs iis the radio voice of the Grand Ole Opry; after the show, he stated: “In all my years of doing this show, this is the first act to receive that many standing ovations and the first to bring me to tears.”
  • The Committee which hosts Scotland’s annual Gospel Music Convention announced that their fourteen-year run is coming to an end. [EDIT, 2/22/13: Broken link removed.] This May’s 14th annual convention, featuring, among others, Larry Ford, Mike Speck, and Revelation, will be the final one.
  • Kingsmen: Baritone Randy Crawford has been undergoing preparations this week for his heart valve surgery next week (Dec. 5).
  • The Grammy® nominations were announced earlier this week. As anticipated, combining Southern Gospel under the CCM category caused Southern Gospel to be ignored, picking up no nominations.
  • In the Vine: Current Blackwood Legacy member Daniel Childs and Statement of Faith / Dixie Melody Boys alumnus Joe Kitson recently launched a new group, In the Vine. Here’s a video from their debut performance together, featuring Joe Kitson.

Worth Watching

Bill Gaither discovered footage from a 1998 Homecoming Tour concert in his archives, featuring many of the greats from years gone by. He will be releasing this footage on a DVD entitled Gaither Homecoming Celebration in January. Gaither Music Group has offered a video preview sure to whet the appetite:

Also Worth Watching

The Penny Loafers just completed a concept video for “Goodbye, World, Goodbye,” featuring the song’s writer, Mosie Lister:

Worth Discussing

It’s open thread Saturday—you decide!

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  1. well…the 1998 footage confirms my suspicion that Bill does film those little (outside of his usual tapings. I’ve never been to a “little Homecoming event) Homecomings. Do you suppose if this one does well he’ll release more of these Homecoming Celebrations? I’d like to see the old Praise Gathering stuff from the late 80s up through just before the Homecoming thing started be released some of the classic GVB stuff would be cool.

    • We don’t know if he always had the tape rolling. Thankfully, he sometimes did!

    • The footage is from the 1998 Jubilate. It was originally aired on INSP…guess Bill retained the rights to the film. Have it all on an old VHS tape already.

  2. Ok…we can’t know if he ALWAYS is filming, but it wouldn’t surprise me one bit, if only for his own critique purposes, if he didn’t film them and watch them later, and say…”David you were a little off pitch there” or “Okay Mark that new joke fell flat”. Hey I would.

    • Yes, but would you do it every night you were on the road and review 60 four-hour concerts each year?

      Or would you maybe do 10 or 20 of them as representative samples?

      • See…IDK…Bill’s mind is a fascinating one and it hard telling how it works. He just always seems to have footage stored…somewhere. And with digital it would be easier to film and just archive then look up later. Who knows? I’ve often speculated though.

  3. I think the Chuck Wagon Gang is pure music – knowing how the group started and why – it is part of great family music – and I really enjoy the sound and simplicity. Thank You !

  4. Hi Daniel,
    This is off topic but I think this is an open thread. I need a question answered. I’ve done some research on burned cds versus pressed cds. Do you think any artists would sell burned cds. Mainly one I’m worried about is gold city a collection of favorites. There is no production notes and no record label at all. Is that cd pressed or burned? Thanks Daniel

    • It’s unlikely they would sell a burned CD.

  5. Thanks for answering my question Daniel. The collection of favorites cd is such a good one that I would hate it the copy was burned because burned cds have a short lifespan

  6. Hey Daniel. Just letting you know I don’t intentionally try to post off topic discussions. Just get excited I guess. So I’m sorry. So what do u think it costs an average person to go to NQC for a week

    • OK, no problem! Tickets are, I think, $24 per night. Hotels can range from $100 and up per night if you want to be close by, and can go as low as perhaps $65 per night if you’re willing to drive a half-hour or more. Then, of course, there is food. There is also the possibility of purchasing additional tickets to afternoon showcases, if desired.

      • I stayed at Extended Stay America for a couple of years and paid only about $45 per night.

        I don’t recommend it AT ALL, but it is cheap and fairly close.

        Evening tickets for 2012 are $29 per night, plus they tack on additional fees if you aren’t there at the box office buying them in person. I have permanent seats for Mon-Wed, and they are charging another $10 just to put them in an envelope and mail them to me.

      • Wow! I do believe they have raised the price from what I remember, and that it’s not just my memory playing tricks on me.

  7. Thanks. So I’m looking at about $1000 for a whole week. I’m glad I’ve got a year to save

  8. Did u ever find anything definitive out about if the gold city collection of favorites cd is a pressed cd?

    • The one I have is pressed. I can’t speak to the one in your hands, not having seen it.

  9. I have the craig west and dan keeton version. Which do u have?

  10. Regarding decent quality monitors for home use…

    I have a couple of Wharfedale near-field monitors. Diamond 8.2 is the model number, with built-in amps. I think I paid about $299 for the pair.

    Bose (which Daniel mentioned in another comment) is a good quality brand as well. I think they tend to be over-priced, though. Also, keep in mind that a speaker product aimed at ordinary consumers is more likely to color the sound.

    If you’re wanting to hear a relatively flat response that most closely resembles the source, go with some near-field monitors that are intended for home studio use. You’ll probably pay less than you pay for a pair of Bose, and get a more accurate sound.

    • I paid about $80 for a set of Bose monitors (and have been thrilled with the sound). Would near-field monitors actually cost less than that?

      (Best Buy, at least in Ohio, sold Bose monitors specifically designed for computers.)