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  1. Very interesting, Daniel.

    • Thanks! It was very interesting to write, too, even if this segment alone took several weekends to research! (The authorship of “Should you go first” was particularly hard to determine – not so much his name, but determining that he was the same person as the sports announcer.)

  2. Just a note on the title song. Bill Shaw first recorded “Beyond the Sunset” as a solo circa 1954. It was released as a single on the Blackwood Brothers private label. It was later re-recorded for their “At Home” album as you mentioned.

    • Fascinating! Did he do it with the “Should You Go First and I Remain” narration?

  3. No narration. Just a tenor solo with Jackie Marshall’s wonderful piano accompaniment.

  4. Hey, everyone! The whole review has been combined into one (long) post: https://www.southerngospeljournal.com/archives/7500