Booth Brothers Online Concert: Ticket Giveaway

The American Society of Gospel Music is hosting an online-only Booth Brothers concert on next Tuesday, December 13. ASGM has offered a giveaway to readers; enter here for a drawing for one of the ten free seats they’re giving away.

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  1. That is a clever idea. Only downside is that the sound quality isn’t as good as it is live

    • Well, that totally depends on how good your computer’s speakers are – whether you’re using cheap, tinny speakers built into your monitor, for example, or whether you’ve bought much better computer speakers made by someone like Bose.

  2. That is true. Bose is the ultimate in sound quality IMO. As cool as the ticket giveaway is, I can’t see m self paying a ticket to watch on the computer. By the way Daniel, I’m thinking about going to NQC next year. If I go a whole week how much am I looking at spending. Ex. Tickets, hotel etc

    • If you would be so kind as to post the off-topic part of the question in our latest open thread, I’d be happy to offer some thoughts there!

  3. “Seats?” I already own the chair I’d be using if I win!

    • …to which I can only offer the classic DBM smiley, a smiley sadly butchered by WordPress: :o)

    • Go, David! 😀