The Perrys move to Gallatin, Tennessee

The Perrys have been based in Morristown, Tennessee for some time. In their most recent e-newsletter, they announced that they will be moving across the state to Gallatin, Tennessee.

Tracy, JK and I have been busy as bees this week. We have been packing our house up, getting ready to move to Gallatin, Tennessee. We will be moving on Dec. 4. We have been battling moving for a couple of months. 85% of our time away from home while not singing is spent in Gallatin or Hendersonville. Our record company, booking agency and bus shop is there. Plus, we just joined a really great church in Gallatin that is on fire, College Heights Baptist Church. The church was really our nudge to move. We are all excited about the move. Joseph will be moving to Goodlettsville also. Matthew is thrilled because this will cut his driving time from 6 hours one way to 2 hours. Please pray for us during this move.

I don’t expect any earth-shaking consequences from the move, but nonetheless thought that this little bit of news would be of interest to Southern Gospel fans.

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