Sony’s Thoughts: Are You in Love With Jesus?

I’m in the process of reading Booker T. Washington’s autobiography in which he was talking about how difficult it was to get a good education when he was a child. He mentioned several times his determination and how he was going to find a way to learn to read and write and better himself. In reading about his accomplishments, it’s obvious he did just that.

As I was reading today, I began to think of how much things have changed in the last century. Now education is readily available for anyone who wants it but many never take the time to learn to read or write or learn a trade. I’d say that’s changed even in the last 50 years and it’s really sad.

I see a lot of parallels with modern-day Christianity. Years ago, it cost something to be a Christian. You couldn’t be only partly sold out to Christ because any devotion to Him could cost your life. Now we don’t have to worry about being tortured or killed and so we go through our days acknowledging Him before meals and maybe in the morning when we get up but that’s about it.

You’ve probably heard that Christians who are persecuted in other countries are praying that persecution will begin here so we will have a stronger Church. It’s sad if that’s what it will take for you to walk close to Jesus. If you love your comfort more than you love Him now, don’t think that will change when you have to choose between the two.

Do you claim to be a follower of Jesus because you love Him and understand what you owe Him, or is it the acceptable thing to do? Is it what’s expected of you and you don’t mind going to church, so you go through the motions each week? Friends, life is too short. Jesus is coming soon but we may go through some extremely hard times prior to His return, and we must be ready. If your relationship with Him is not what it needs to be, ask God to change your heart and help you to see that you need Him as much as you need air. When you understand your need to that depth, your perspective will change, your heart will begin to change, and you will truly fall in love with a Savior who’s been patiently waiting for you all this time.

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