Site Maintenance Alert: Possible Downtime may go down for several hours some time over the next two or three days.

We’re moving domain registrars, leaving GoDaddy and going to NameCheap. I started using GoDaddy several years ago, simply because I had heard of it and knew it was the biggest. To this day, most of our contributors watch little to no TV, so we simply weren’t aware of their disgustingly suggestive and prurient advertising until recently. Once I realized how bad it was, I knew I had to leave.

I began transferring domains in August; this is the final batch. After over four months using NameCheap, I highly recommend it, especially for anyone leaving GoDaddy. GoDaddy’s user experience brings back memories of the worst of Web 1.0, maximizing profits at the expense of delivering what the user wants. Upsells and hidden charges appear at every turn, adding countless extra steps to the process of simply registering or renewing a domain. NameCheap’s user experience was built to be user-friendly; their menus, admin areas, and ordering processes are laid out in a far more easy-to-use and user-friendly fashion. (They are even slightly less expensive.) 

Could you do us a favor? If you notice that the site is down, could you post a comment on our Facebook or Google+ pages, or tag us in a tweet (@sogospelblog) on Twitter? That way we’ll know the change is under way and flip the switches to get it back up under the new registrar sooner. (Thank you!)

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  1. I will definitely help you out there Daniel. If I see it is down I will send you a Tweet or Facebook post!

  2. It’s likely that I will follow you.

    GoDaddy is WAY too aggressive trying to convince their customers to tack on more features, and they’ve gone up considerably on their prices since I first transferred my domains to them.

    • That would be an interesting turnaround, since I followed you to our current host, and I’ve been happy there. 🙂

      • Well, I’ve not been entirely happy with them either, as you may remember, but they’ve generally been a lot better than the last one we both used.

        We may as well stick together on webhosts and domain name registrars. LOL

      • Shades of Benjamin Franklin’s “Gentlemen, we shall all hang together, or we shall all hang separately!” 🙂

  3. I’ve never been thrilled with GoDaddy’s control panel and tools. They seem hard to find and work with (at least to me).

    • They are!

      • Well, I have no point of comparison really, but I feel like it shouldn’t be so hard to find to do what you want to do and there should be more tools for easier and better results.

  4. At times like this Daniel, wished that I watched little to no tv. As that is for another story. But Go Daddy is indeed risque, to say the least. Good for you all leaving. God bless!

    • Well, it’s usually a blessing. But sometimes it means that I’m giving money to a company that really doesn’t deserve a penny from Christians!