The Sound of Someone Getting Rescued

Earlier this month, I read about a six-year-old girl and her daddy in a car, hearing a police siren. The father thought, “Was I speeding? Is he coming for me?”

But the little girl said, “Ooh, I love that sound.”

He was shocked. “Why?”

“Because that’s the sound of someone getting rescued.”

Over these last few weeks, we have heard the Christmas story spoken and sung hundreds of times. But don’t let the repetition dull you to its impact. It’s not myth. It’s not empty ritual. It’s not the soundtrack to a month of mindless consumerism.

It’s the sound of someone getting rescued.

Merry Christmas!

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  1. The true meaning of Christmas was never found under a tree, but was nailed to it. Merry Christmas, everyone!

    • Great line, and Merry Christmas to you, too! Thank you for your participation here this year!

  2. Merry Christmas Daniel! I just discovered this blog this year but have been a fan of Southern gospel since 2002. Thanks for keeping us up to date. Its a great website and I reall enjoy it. Merry Christmas

    • Thanks, and Merry Christmas to you, too!

  3. I know it is difficult to come up with a blog that is fresh and newsworthy everyday, but somehow Daniel you do it ! Merry Christmas !

    • Thanks! Merry Christmas to you, too!

      Yes, it is difficult, but it’s more the delightful challenge than the sort that has me pulling out my hair … at least usually!

  4. Daniel, thanks for your wonderful thoughts! Merry Christmas!

  5. Love the post Daniel, as always your blog is great!
    Merry Christmas!

  6. Great thoughts Daniel! Merry CHRISTmas!!

  7. That is a great thought. have a blessed Christmas my friend. Keep up the GOD work!!

    • Thanks, Pat! You do the same!

  8. That was a great post, Daniel. I used it in the Christmas service this morning. (giving proper credit, of course)

    Thanks for your good work,

    • Thanks! Neat!

      And Merry Christmas to you, too!

  9. Merry Christmas, Daniel! We love the “Rescue” story; thanks for sharing it. It really leaves us with a wonderful reminder of child-like faith.

    May we all desire the sound of those who are perishing being rescued. Thank God for His imperishable gift; a gift from the past, for the present, and forward to the days to come. Praise be to God!

    Merry Christmas, one and all!


    • Thanks! That story moved me so much I knew I had to pass it along, and present it in this context.

      Merry Christmas!