Early Cathedrals Videos of Ernie Haase

Every now and then, home footage of one of Ernie Haase’s earliest Cathedrals performances surfaces on YouTube. These videos are particularly interesting when they feature a song the group stopped staging after the Haase/Fowler lineup built their own repertoire of feature songs.

Here are two of the most memorable:

Standing on Holy Ground:

I’ve Just Started Living:

Surely these aren’t the only two. Are any others floating around?

Update: Via Kyle in the comments, here’s another early video of Haase singing “I’ve Just Started Living”:

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  1. Love both of these…one of my favorites is from Alive…Ernie with Oh What A Savior….Thanks Daniel……

  2. Who is playing in the band of second video?

    • Sorry – not sure!

      • (other than, of course, Roger Bennett!)

  3. Guitar player is Bobby All and I think the bass player is Robin Mew. If I remember right, Robin played with the Speers for awhile. Can’t tell who the drummer is.

    • Thanks!

    • Robin played on at least the Speers’ 70th. anniversary video as I recall. As far as the band, I suspect they were used as a house band on that show for whoever was appearing or whoever wanted them. I did see a few episode back then (on TNN) (not this one at the time), but not a lot and if I noticed the band at all, I didn’t know the musicians at that time.

  4. The drummer looks like the guy that played on some of the early Gaither videos.

  5. I love it!!!! Brings back some great memories. I saw the Cats about two months after Scott joined them. I remember Ernie talking to me and telling me “I look like a gospel singer”… I thought that was so cool!!!!! Now these guys are friends… Very cool! Btw Scott didn’t say NUTHIN to me!! Lol!!

    • My first Cathedrals concert was just after Scott joined, but probably after Campmeeting Live was released. It was at Jonathon Byrd’s Cafeteria in Greenwood, IN. I later saw them at a school in Seymour, IN and then without Glen and Roger filling in at Anderson, IN during the last couple months of their Farewell tour. I might have seen them another time at Byrd’s, but don’t think so. During the first concert I dropped around $360. I think buying tapes, accompaniment tracks etc. 🙂

      • Okay, it was after Campmeeting Live and I believe also Worship His Glory in A Cappella Praise. I recall wanting them to sing “What A Meeting” and bumped into George at intermission. He said something like he believed they could. By the time the concert rolled around, he mentioned the request and it looked like he was looking right at me, but then he sang “Suppertime”. LOL so, either he forgot which song, but knew I had made the request, or he was doing a request for someone else. Nonetheless, although I was bigger and taller than he, he was bigger than life, yet one of the guys at the same time.

      • $360 well spent!

      • Argh, this is twice today I lost posts because of an invalid email. (Apparently one of the ones in the memory has a typo). I guess I need to get in the habit again of copying my post before submitting.

        Anyhow, it sure was. I am sure I didn’t spend that amount the two following times, but still bought stuff that I couldn’t afford or weren’t available the other times and that I hadn’t gotten elsewhere or through the mail. I know the last concert I got things like some additional tracks and songbooks while the getting was good. I will have to look through my check copies and try to find the dates and amounts as well as see if I wrote in my book what I bought and the amount of each thing. That would be fun. If not there, they are probably in my old Amiga computer in databases.

      • What do you mean by “lost posts”? I didn’t see any in moderation?

        Oh – if you type an email that isn’t an actual email, the comment doesn’t even go through to moderation?

      • Yeah, unfortunately when you changed templates or whatever, my information no longer stays in the cache. I have a program that keeps the log ins, but unfortunately there have been a couple where my finger slipped and added an extra character in the email. One is a small mark that can’t easily be seen far away from the monitor, so if I happen to choose that one the email is not valid. It then tells me that, but when I go back to put the proper email in, the whole posts disappears instead of staying there to give me another chance.

      • Ah, I see! Have you tried hitting your browser’s back button to recover the comment? It works for me (in Chrome).

      • That’s what I do, but the comment disappears after about a second before I can do anything.

      • What browser are you in?

        If you do see it for about a second, would you be able to double-click and then Ctrl-C before it disappears?

      • Firefox, and there isn’t time to hit Cntrl A and Cntl C (or even one of them) it is THAT fast.

      • Hmm. Well, this theme isn’t going to last as long as the last one (which was pushing three years, I think), since responsive web design – that is, web design which displays equally nicely on PCs, tablets, and smartphones – is becoming bigger and bigger. I wouldn’t be surprised if I change again within the next six months.

      • I’ll be counting the days. 😉

    • Cool! Thanks, Grigs. I had never seen that one (nor for that matter the other until you first posted it). Thanks again.

      • I do believe I’d seen that one before, but I’m not 100% sure.

  6. I wonder what George is whispering to Roger to make him stop singing for that long a time. Seems out of character for him. Must have been important! Love the videos!

  7. Thanks for posting these, Daniel. Just GREAT!!!

  8. Here is a link to the song, “Read the Book,” featuring Scott Fowler:


  9. Here’s “Just Started Living” from the transition from Trammell to Fowler. Mark is still on bass, but Fowler is singing with the group.


    • Thanks! I’ll add that now.