DVD Review: Your Ticket to Music Hall (Collingsworth Family)

Rating: 5 (of 5)

Average Song Rating: 3.8 (of 5)

Track Producers: Wayne Haun, Roger Talley, Jason Webb. Executive Producer: Phil Collingsworth.

Filming Director: David Brainard.

Song List: Not the Same; Holy, Holy, Holy; In Awe; Trumpet Medley; When God Whispers; God Can Do Anything; My Favorite Things; What Noah Knew; The Blood of Jesus; Lily of the Valley; No One Ever Cared for Me Like Jesus; He Already Sees; More Than a Swear Word; I Can Trust Jesus; We Still Believe; It is Well; Blessed Be the Lamb.

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Just two or three years ago, I was telling people that the Collingsworth Family had the highest quality video productions I’d seen a non-Gaither artist release. Though I certainly can’t claim credit, it wasn’t that long afterwards that Gaither picked up the family for Homecoming video and occasional concert appearances.

Your Ticket to Music Hall is the first DVD the Collingsworth Family has released since becoming a Homecoming artist. This project raises the bar for their videos again. While their previous DVDs were recorded in front of audiences of 500-1000, this project was filmed in Cincinnati’s impressive double-balconied Music Hall in front of a sellout audience of 3,000. Their previous projects used the standard 3 to 5 video cameras; this one has several more, making for better and more varied singer close-ups, piano close-ups, and audience shots.

Most of the songs on the video are from their We Still Believe project (reviewed here). There are the typical specialty numbers fans expect at a typical Collingsworth concert: A trumpet solo from Phil (“Trumpet Medley,”) a solo from youngest sister Olivia (“My Favorite Things,”) a violin duet (“No One Ever Cared for Me Like Jesus”) and a fiddle duet (“Lily of the Valley”) with oldest sisters Brooklyn and Courtney, and, of course, a showstopping piano solo from Kim (“It is Well With My Soul”).

Most of the other songs are performed with either the complete family singing (doubling up on several of the parts) or a mixed trio of Brooklyn and parents Phil and Kim. There are a few other combinations; a ladies’ trio of Kim, Brooklyn, and Courtney sings “God Can Do Anything” and the older three siblings (Brooklyn, Courtney, and Phil Jr.) sing “More Than A Swear Word.”

Concert highlights include “The Blood of Jesus,” which was encored several times, and the final three songs—”We Still Believe” (their radio single at the time of filming), “It is Well” (a piano solo featuring Kim) and “Blessed Be the Lamb.”

During the program, Phil Collingsworth paused at several points to bring people vital in their ministry on stage to introduce them to the audience. The most memorable is an appearance by Dianne Wilkinson, a legendary figure who virtually always stays behind the scenes. It’s simply delightful to watch her both thrilled and overwhelmed by the moment—perhaps the most public acknowledgment of her years of work to date. There are also several extras—interviews, behind the scenes footage, and bloopers.

The Collingsworth Family doesn’t have years of mega-hits. In fact, other than two or three of Kim’s piano solos, they have few if any songs instantly recognizable to a casual Southern Gospel fan. But this video shows their special talent at taking what may be, on average, 3.75 to 4 star material and putting on a 5-star program.

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  1. they are so real .that’s what makes them great. we need more of that.


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