Harold Reed leaves Kingsmen, joins LeFevre Quartet

The LeFevre Quartet - Jordan LeFevre, Harold Reed, Mike LeFevre, Brandon Barry

The LeFevre Quartet - Jordan LeFevre, Harold Reed, Mike LeFevre, Brandon Barry

The LeFevre Quartet announced (very) early this morning that they are hiring current Kingsmen tenor Harold Reed as their new tenor. A brief, one-paragraph statement given to the Singing News quoted group manager Mike LeFevre as stating, “His experience, talent, love for Gospel music and his heart for God will be a great asset to our group. We are excited to have Harold joining us in ministry.”

Other than owner/manager Mike LeFevre, the LeFevre Quartet has had a completely new lineup since September; Jordan LeFevre (lead) and Brandon Barry (bass) were announced as new members in early October.

Harold Reed’s first job, directly out of high school, was working for Squire Parsons. He then sang for the Dixie Melody Boys for over a decade, from about 1993 through 2004. He sang with the Florida Boys from 2004 until shortly before they disbanded in 2007, and with the Kingsmen from 2007-2011. 

UPDATE: Here’s a press release from Brandon Reese:

The Kingsmen announce the departure of tenor Harold Reed.

“I have been blessed to sing with one of my favorite Quartets for the past 4 1/2 years and now I feel it is time for me to start the next chapter in my singing career and join The Lafever Quartet,” says Harold. “Sometimes the Lord tells you it is just time and I will truly miss Ray and the rest of the guys but I am comfortable knowing we will remain in contact.”

“The Kingsmen will be celebrating 55 years of music ministry in 2012. Through those years we have had the most talented and enjoyable team members but more importantly good Christians work with our organization,” says Brandon Reese. “Harold is no exception. I know God is in control and has a plan for The Kingsmen. We are more committed than ever to spread the gospel in song all throughout 2012 and beyond.”

For consideration of the tenor position please send all info and demos to: ray@kingsmenquartet.com or brandon@kingsmenquartet.com

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  1. I believe Harold sang tenor for the Melodyaires between Squire and the Dixie Melody Boys.

    • Thanks! I knew I was forgetting someone! Do you know what years he was with them, and what years (for sure) he was with DMB?

  2. How frustrating this must be for the Reece family… Your sound improves with each recording, then you lose your lead singer followed by your tenor….


    • Yes, it must be. Thankfully, they have a great lead singer lined up and in place!

      • Crossroads made a wise decision by releasing a single that features Ray…also doesn’t hurt that everyone of us who reviewed the CD bragged on that song as one of our favorites.

      • Agreed, on both counts. Given what was about to transpire, they couldn’t have made a better choice.

        It’s not every CD that they have a radio single-worthy song from Ray. Thankfully, they had it here, ready to go when needed.

  3. That explains it. . . I wondered why he was singing with them on TBN the other night. Who knows when it was taped, I wish him the best.

    • Mike LeFevre posted about the taping the other day on Facebook, commenting that Harold was filling in. Since I knew Harold was leaving, I did wonder whether perhaps talks were under way. Turns out they were!

  4. Sorry, I don’t know the exact years.

  5. Who is he replacing?

    • Jeremy Easley.

  6. The LeFevre Quartet Facebook page just posted this photo of the new group: https://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?fbid=296703350366781&set=a.296703333700116.64759.107935839243534

  7. It’s a shame the Kingsmen are loosing Harold but this has to be a shot in the arm for the LeFevre Quartet. They have had their share of personnel change outs in recent times.

    • Yes – the Kingsmen have had two vocal personnel change in the last two years or so. That’s about par for the course for SG; the only remarkable thing is that the two changes overlapped. On the other hand, this makes a completely new lineup (other than Mike) for the LeFevre Quartet since NQC. So hopefully Harold and the other personnel will bring some stability there, and give them time to really build and show their potential.

  8. This has got to be rough on Ray Dean and his son. The Kingsmen have been a huge name in SG for so many years. Harold did a great job singing with them and had just now (in my opinion) started to blend really well with the group. Kingsmen tenors are notorious for having to sing out of the roof and though Harold could do it, it just didn’t fit him. I have been a Harold Reed fan for a number of years and think that he will make a great addition to MLQ! Looking forward to hearing them with him. Also, looking forward to whoever is taking the tenor position for the mighty Kingsmen.

  9. I’ll be the first to make a wishful suggestion for tenor. Jay Parrack! I know every time his name is mentioned it is reported that he is happy at home, but I think it would be neat to have another Parrack as part of the Kingsmen’s legacy. We know he wouldn’t have any trouble singing those stratospheric tenor notes.

    Again a wishful suggestion.

    Honestly I hope they can find someone new that they can introduce to SG. Someone that wants to help Ray and Brandon continue the Kingsmen’s storied history.

  10. I’m not usually one for naming names, but one tenor who I feel would be a great fit is Randall Garland of Paul’s Journey. Diana posted a clip of them singing “When I Wake Up”, and I came away impressed. That’s a song that I believe the Kingsmen still perform regularly.

    Here’s the clip: (Randall is third from the left)


    Randall has the talent to join a national group, and I believe the Kingsmen are a great fit.

    • I hadn’t thought of him, but he’d certainly be different than other tenors they’ve had.

      The name that I’ve mentioned to several people and have no doubt would do a great job is Chris Jenkins. He’s the tenor for a new group called the Vintage Quartet. I downloaded their new CD from Crossroads and was blown away with this guy’s range.


      • Maybe, if he joins, it would be their first step back to the Big-n-Live days! 🙂