Singing News – December 2006 issue

Some time back, another Southern Gospel blogger posted his comments on each month’s issue of Singing News. Though he stopped after only a couple months, I thought it might be time to bring that idea back.

So here are my thoughts on the highlights of the December 2006 Singing News.

cover: The Freemans made the cover, which was designed with a Christmas theme.

page 16: Andrew Ishee’s column “A Confession” is a must-read. I especially appreciated the subtle joke about low salaries in Southern Gospel; Scott Fowler had offered $50 to anyone who revealed the perpetrator of a certain prank. Ishee stated that he knew the answer, and said: “So if Scott still has $50, we may be able to make a deal.”

page 22: Congratulations to Dixie Echoes bass (and fellow Southern Gospel blogger) Tracy Crouch on making the Singing News! He was featured in the “Names You Might Not Know…Yet” column. Of course, readers of this blog already knew his name, since we featured an interview with him last month (click here or here).

page 24: Today’s Blackwood Brothers Quartet (Jimmy Blackwood’s group) ran their first ad here, and it is sure a nice-looking ad. I am particularly an admirer of their bass, Randy Byrd, though I’d add that baritone Brad White is one of the best pianists in Southern Gospel. They are advertising their brand-new hymns album, which I will review shortly.

page 30: Duane Garren has more information on Ed Hill’s reorganized Prophets Quartet. It looks like the lineup will be tenor Bill Baize, lead Paul Jackson, baritone Ed Hill, and bass Hovie Walker. (EDIT 8/6/11: Broken link removed).

page 32: Jerry Kirksey wrote the first part of a column which seems to be heading toward the conclusion that he has decided to be less judgmental about different hairstyles. But he doesn’t actually get to that conclusion; he leaves the reader hanging.

pages 36-37: Singing News posts several reviews, most notably of the Dixie Echoes’ Sounds of Sunday and the Hoppers’ The Ride.

pages 38-39: The interview with Lari Goss is absolutely fascinating.

page 43: “Ten Things You May Not Know About…Derrick Selph.” Pay special attention to #6, “If anyone wants to make you laugh, all they have to do is…?”

pages 56-57: The interview with Lily Fern Weatherford is fascinating. It doesn’t cover much new ground, but it definitely makes for an interesting read.

page 66: Ed O’Neal proves himself once again to be Southern Gospel’s premier storyteller. This column was another of those that just had to be read aloud to the whole family at the dinner table. That’s saved only for something that is particularly funny, memorable, or touching, and so many of O’Neal’s columns have passed that test that reading his columns aloud at dinner is practically a monthly tradition at this house.

page 106: They print a picture of a younger Ernie Haase, “…before.”

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  1. About the interview with Lari Goss —- the picture of the choir in the background is my church choir, Tabernacle Baptist in Cartersville, GA!! (I don’t think they ever mentioned that in the article.) We had a super time with Lari at our church.

  2. Fascinating! Are either GVfan or you in the photo?

  3. No, I’m not in the photo — I’m just off to the left. GVfan was at the concert, but she is a member of a different church. Neither of us can convince the other to switch!!!