Saturday News Roundup #101: Video of Kurt Young

Worth Knowing

  • Dixie Echoes / Chuck Wagon Gang: Dixie Echoes baritone Scoot Shelnut’s mother-in-law—former Chuck Wagon Gang alto Penny Greene Shelnut’s mother—passed away Tuesday morning.
  • Blackwood Brothers: Former Blackwood Brothers pianist Michael Hammontree is continuing to recover from his heart attack earlier this month. He had been moved out of the ICU; based on notes that current Blackwood Brothers members Randy Byrd and Jimmy Blackwood left on his wall within the last day or two, it sounds like he has now come home from the hospital.

Worth Watching

What would it take to get to post a local CCM group’s cover of a David Crowder Band song?

Well, this.

Here’s our first look at former (and short-lived) Cathedrals tenor Kurt Young on stage in a number of years. His son, Zach Young, has the feature, while he’s quietly backing him up (off-camera for much of the video). But it’s still more than we’ve seen in years.

Worth Discussing

It’s open thread Saturday—you decide!

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  1. When I see videos like this I am reminded why I listen to SG and not CCM. I am not commenting on the quality of the singing or the sincerity of the young people involved. It is obvious that they mean what they are singing. It is great to see young people singing to the Lord, especially when you can tell that they are not trying to put on a show.

    I couldn’t make out all the lyrics, so I looked them up:

    [edit: link instead:]

    Even after reading the lyrics I am not sure what they are saying. For me it’s like being dropped into a conversation with nuclear physicists. They are speaking the same language but the words have different meanings to them than they do to me.

    When I hear a SG song I am not confused by the lyrics. I know what the writer and the singer are saying.

    • Hi! You make some great points. There is certainly a cultural divide.

      Copyright laws won’t permit posting of lyrics on this site without permission and/or paying royalties on them, so I had to edit the lyrics reprint down to a link instead. But thanks for taking part in the discussion, and thanks for sharing!

    • Like a “Sloppy Wet Kiss” eh? Hmmm interesting choice and visual for God’s love. Not the one I would’ve picked, but interesting nonetheless.

      • I guess when people criticize SG songwriters for over-using the same cliches (rugged cross, Hallelujah square, Jordan River, etc.), this is what they would rather songwriters do!

      • I personally believe we need more sloppy wet kisses in Southern Gospel. Like the kind I get from my puppy. LOL

      • Do I detect sarcasm? 🙂

  2. Wrong. That video isn’t worth watching.

  3. Where exactly was Kurt?

    • Off to the left, playing guitar. In assorted comments posted around YouTube, the son has confirmed that it is the same person.

      • Was he actually singing or just playing guitar?

      • At first I thought he was singing, but I think I’ve changed my mind.

      • It sure looked and sounded like three voices were singing at times. Near the end of the video the son was not near his mic, and there was a male voice singing. The only other person, other than the lady, with a mic was the man off to the side – supposedly Kurt Young.


  4. What struck me (and I’m sure quartet-man) as funny was the title of the video: “How He Loves Cover”

    This time of year when I go to bed, I’m thankful for the covers, too. LOL

    • Funny! When I saw you reply here, I thought for sure you’d be replying to my comment about cliches!

    • Or it could be a theme song for Police Officers. 😀

  5. The song is not my cup of tea, but I like the fact that he is able to stay in the background and let his son be center-stage . . . something not every stage-parent or artist-parent is able to do.

    • Agreed; that was one of the things that jumped out to me about the video.

  6. I read an article on here a while back on finding recordings at thrift shops. Well today I had my turn. I was searching every corner of my local goodwill and found a gold city tape called favorites volume 3 from 1987. And lovin it 🙂

    • I have been very successful finding great old vinyl albums of various groups at Goodwill. I put them on my record machine that downloads them onto Itunes. I than put them on cd’s or my I pod. The albums at Goodwill are usually 50 cents or a dollar.

      • Oddly, I’ve had more success at Ohio Goodwills than at North Carolina Goodwills.

  7. The version sung here changed the line “sloppy wet kiss” to “unforeseen kiss”. Another version (by Flyleaf) changed the line to “passionate kiss”. Most songwriters (outside of SG) either love or hate the original lyric written by John Mark McMillan. I personally hate it and am glad Crowder and others have chosen to change it. Otherwise, it’s a beautiful song with fantastic lyrics. The story behind the song is amazing!

  8. Hopefully Daniel you will have success wherever God leads you. Lyrics are what indeed make the song a success.

  9. The 2012 NQC has just been posted.