Site Downtime

This morning, our host,, shut down the site for several hours, supposedly due to traffic / load on the server. This is quite odd; December was, as usual for Decembers, a slower month than most. (And it was in spite of their 99.9% uptime guarantee and their unlimited bandwidth guarantee!)

Though they re-enabled the site mid-morning, reports have been trickling in throughout the day of portions of the site not displaying correctly. Is everything working correctly for you, or is there anything that is not?

Meanwhile, this violation of their guarantees has me looking. Have any of you had good or bad experiences with DreamHost or MediaTemple?

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  1. Other than this AM, it seems to be working fine. I tried a couple of rimes this AM within about a 2 hour time span and it appeared to be down.

    • *Times 🙂

    • Thanks!

  2. It is just fine

  3. I use HostMonster and have had no problems at all. My site is actually a subdomain of my brother’s site, and it truly is unlimited. It also allows for easy WordPress setup and easy transfer. Highly recommended!

  4. Hi Daniel,

    It seems to be working. The only thing we noticed was the recent CD reviews widget is not on the right top. It is currently showing up under “Latest Interviews”. Sorry to hear of the downtime…not good!



    • It seems to do that periodically anyhow, but yes, typically it goes back where it ought to after a refresh or two.

  5. I hate to be the one to tell you, but when I click on the logo up in the upper left corner (which should be bringing me back to the homepage) it still takes me to HostGator. And it’s still showing up in my history as HostGator Website Startup Guide; I had to use one of the topic links (specifically “News|”) to get me back to the website.

    At least now you have a topic I can post this under! 🙂

    • That’s starting to sound like a cache issue. Try Cntrl-Shift-R for a hard refresh, and see if that clears it up!

  6. It wasn’t working yesterday for a bit. When it did start working, only the desktop version was displaying on my mobile device.

    • Yeah. HostGator made me turn the mobile version off. 🙁

      • You answered my question before I asked it. The desktop version displays nicely, though.

  7. Other than the few hours it was down I haven’t had any problems. It works good for me. Thanks for keeping everything up to date. You’re the man.

  8. The new server had issues their tech support could not fix. So we’re back to the old server, at least for now.