Garms Family Road Stories: “Is this a two story building?”

I hope to never top this experience. It was undoubtedly some of the scariest few seconds I had ever lived.

Our family was going to perform an afternoon concert in East Battle Lake, Minnesota. The venue was located in a restored chapel on an island in the middle of East Battle Lake. It was a warmer day, and do to the antiquity of the building, we made sure we opened up the windows in the chapel, as air conditioning was not an option.

After we finished setting up our equipment, we began to mingle among the audience who had gathered. I spotted a young man in the front pew, and we began to pleasantly converse with each other. In the middle of our conversation, we were interrupted by a middle-aged mother, and her daughter who was about two-years-old. Instead of choosing to walk around us to get to their seat in the front pew, the mother chose to shepherd her daughter in between us conversing men. My mind was saying, “That was unique”, but then I looked around myself and saw that I was hogging up quite a bit of the walkway. The chapel we were in was fairly small, the distance between the steps up to the platform and the first pew being no more then two feet. It was so small that the pews, which might have held eight people max, ran all the way to the wall, each pew having a corresponding window.

As we talked, I looked down to the end of the pew, just in time to see the little daughter walk up to the corresponding window, push out the screen, and promptly fall out. Needless to say, my heart stopped. Our conversation ended too. I found myself running down the aisle, wondering if we were in a one or two story building.

The Chapel

The Chapel

I ran out the front door (to the surprise of a few people) and dreading to do it, turned and looked at where the window was. To my surprise, I saw the mother step out the window, and pick her daughter up. The girl had fallen a maximum of a foot in height. My poor little mind almost couldn’t handle it. The adrenaline rush of fear almost toppled me over in shock. I shakily walked over to the window after the mother and daughter stepped back inside through the window, and as calmly as possible replaced the screen. I then shakily walked back inside the chapel, and did my best to regain my composure. All I know was that I was glad it turned out NOT to be a two-story building!

Ben Garms¬†Submitted by Ben – ’cause he’s “Ben” there!


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  1. Wow! I can’t imagine…

  2. Glad that it wasn’t the disaster it would had turned out to be.