Garms Family Road Stories: Make that quintuple…

The Quadruple Bass with the Double Bass

The "Quadruple Bass" with the "Double Bass".

At many concerts that we do as a family, I receive many compliments about my “wonderful bass voice”. (I’m not at all the next J.D. Sumner or Tim Riley, so don’t worry!)  These caring people often have suggestions for songs I should sing, and they make sure they tell the rest of the family that I never sing enough during our performances! I receive almost as many compliments as Caleb does about his personality, yet no one ever threatens to kidnap me and take me home (unlike Caleb)!

Anyway…one of my favorite compliments I received was after a performance at a church near our home. I was walking down a hallway in the church, and a little elderly man stopped me. He was about half my height, and exuberant to tell me what he was thinking. He looked up at me, and asked, “Have you ever heard of a double bass?” I paused for a moment before hesitantly answering, “Well, yes I have!” I was wondering what he was getting at, because as an instrument player, I immediately took what he said in the sense of an instrument. In fact, this man had just spent a half hour watching Mom play a double bass in our performance. He then, with triumph in his voice, exclaimed, “I tell you, YOU are a QUADRUPLE BASS!” At the same time he bent to half HIS height and made a large sweeping motion with his hand, shaking his head in emphasis of “quadruple bass”. To say in the least, I was speechless for a moment.  But that didn’t phase him a bit! He kept on going with his description of my voice. He ended with, “If you can go that low when you’re still young, just think about when you get older!”  

After I thanked him for his kind compliments, we parted company; he with a lighter heart, and I with a big smile on my face, wondering how I was ever going to live up to his descriptions of my voice!

Ben Garms

Submitted by Ben – ’cause he’s “Ben” there!



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  1. Ben you are so funny. Ever thought about if the music thing doesn’t work out, but think it will. BUT just in case, you need to be a comedian. Think you are so funny. BTW, a little off topic, I hope I didn’t offend your family on the wardrobe malfunction thing. Sorry if I did though. Meant no harm nor foul.

    • Thank you so much Shelby! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed my stories! My entire family helps me out A LOT in finding humor in different circumstances, so if the music thing doesn’t work out for us, we all will have to become the Garms Family Humor Show! 😀


    • Our off topic response: As far as the wardrobe malfunction, we weren’t offended. We haven’t watched a Super Bowl in so many, many years, the last one we remember watching was the Super Bowl of 1991, the night before Ben was born. We heard a little about this “malfunction” over the radio and by that news, we were affirmed, once again, on our decision to not watch TV. We have never regretted that decision! 🙂


      – Mom for TGF

  2. Good to hear. As wished that I could do that though I watch rarely any tv unless it is news or NFL LOL! But thanks my friends!