Saturday News Roundup #102

Worth Knowing

  • Dixie Melody Boys: On December 27th, Dixie Melody Boys tenor Matt Felts was honored by his hometown, Saint Louis, Missouri. Mayor Francis Slay presented Felts with a proclamation proclaiming December 27th “Matt Felts day.” Slay stated, “We are honored to have Matt Felts as an ambassador for the city of St. Louis. We wanted to honor him and the Dixie Melody Boys for their contributions to the music world.” Felts stated that, even though he now lives in Nashville, he considers St. Louis home: “No matter where I have lived, my heart is always in Missouri. I go back several times a year to see friends, catch a Cardinals game or just take in the great city of St. Louis. I am deeply honored and humbled.”
  • Cathedrals / Gaither Vocal Band: Steve Richardson, author of the Cathedrals / Gaither Vocal Band song “Daystar,” passed away this morning. (Hat Tip, Jason Crabb.)

Worth Watching

Somewhat off-topic: Merriam-Webster confirms that we don’t have to feel guilty when we end a sentence with a preposition.

Via Aaron Swain, here’s an acapella video of the current Down East Boys lineup that shows both their personalities and their talents well:

Worth Discussing

It’s open thread Saturday—you decide!

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  1. Went to Bill Bailey concert in Vidalia, Ga Thursday night. Gold City, Triumphant, Jeff and Sherri, and the Perrys. Awesome night. Had over 1,000 people there. Ran two stages as usual with groups rotating between. Triumphant could
    not get their tracks to work when they rotated to the other stage so they did the whole set with just Jeff playing the piano. Including White Flag. No stacks, no tracks. Triumphant can still sing! One odd bit of news I was not aware of and don’t remember anyone mentioning about Jerry Pelfrey of Gold City. He is the creator and owner of punkinator drum company. Jeff Easter mentioned it while in their set as Kyle was playing a set of the drums

    • Cool! I wish I could have caught that!

    • Jeremy,
      Thanks for the detail on Jerry Pelfrey. I was aware of that brand of drum equipment, but did not realize he owned the company.

  2. Wow that’s great for the Dixie Melody Boys! That must have been a really fun concertt and it does sound like an awesome night! We went to a Triumphant Quartet concert 2 months ago and it was awesome! It was so much fun!

  3. Glad you liked the video enough to feature it, Daniel! Especially considering that the group hadn’t sung for fifteen or sixteen days while on break, I came away impressed with their sound.

    • You’re welcome! Yes, ever since hearing their latest CD, I’ve thought they have the sound going to make a mark.

  4. Don’t know if you know this but you’re home page is going to HostGator again.

    • Try doing a Cntrl-Shift-R for a complete cache refresh.

    • Sorry… skip that last comment.

      It looks like I had a cached screen.

      • Whew! I had been concerned, since I’ve been away from HostGator for probably a week.

      • 🙂
        Yea! I understand.