Another Hosting Change Coming

On Monday, HostGator shut down this site for several hours, violating both their unlimited bandwidth and their 99.9% uptime guarantees. They said the site was getting too much traffic, an odd claim for a slow holiday weekend (and a claim not borne out by statistics)!

Earlier this week, we tried transferring to MediaTemple. Several of you commented about how quickly the site loaded on their servers. (We liked it, too.) But even though that was a huge plus, there was a slight problem; due to quirks of the database transfer process, we couldn’t add new posts. We figured that minus counterbalanced how fast the site loaded, so we’re temporarily back to HostGator. We’ll be trying out a new host within the next 24 hours (A Small Orange). As the dust settles, please post any oddities in this thread. (We’ll also be posting updates here.)

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  1. Was glad to finally get your site yesterday afternoon – I had tried for several days and only got the hostgator site advertisements. Now I wonder if they shut you down to drum up business for themselves. Was very frustrating. Missed you.

    • Well, given that they’re only targeting high-profile websites, I suppose that is entirely a possibility.

      • The change is under way. This comment, left in the installation on the old server, should disappear once the change is complete.

  2. We are up and running on A Small Orange. Any weirdness for any of you?

  3. It loaded quickly this morning, yesterday it was really slow. I’m glad it wasn’t my computer.

    • Great! Yesterday it was loading on the much slower HostGator; today it is loading on ASmallOrange, and does seem to be snappier.