NQC posts 2012 Schedule

The National Quartet Convention has just posted their 2012 mainstage schedule (hat tip, Jordan). Particularly noteworthy:

  • Sisters have replaced the King’s Heralds in the four acapella mainstage slots.
  • Rising groups or non-regulars highlighted on mainstage this year: Browns, Soul’d Out, Rick Webb Family, Browders, Naomi & the Segos, Paul’s Journey, Lesters, Taylors, Down East Boys.
  • There will be an all quartet night; this year, it will be on Wednesday.
  • Dailey & Vincent had to cancel their NQC set last year at the last minute due to illness. They’re not returning this year; Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver is providing the bluegrass representation this year.
  • Artists not on the schedule include: Ernie Haase & Signature Sound, Freemans, Smoky Mountain Reunion, Ball Brothers, Hissong, Hayes Family, Janet Paschal, Bowlings.

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  1. With the death of Howard Hayes, will his family continue singing as “The Hayes Family”?

    • It’s not completely clear from their website.

  2. Keep in mind this is just the preliminary list. NQC typically adds several more artists to the schedule before the date.

    • Yes; that could indeed happen with EHSS and others.

      • According to a letter from EHSS’ manager, they were not going to be available for this year’s NQC. They must be planning a tour during that time.

  3. 1. Sisters over Kings Herald was a GREAT move.
    2. Excited for quartet night!
    3. Interesting that there’s no EHSS. Nothing is listed on their tour schedule. Maybe they’ll be added later.

    • Why did they replace the Heralds? As they brought a different kind of music to the convention 🙁

      • I’m guessing they have Sisters doing acapella moments instead.

  4. I sure hope the King’s Heralds will at least get some time on mainstage. That’s one smooth, classy group!

    • That’s true- King’s Heralds do a great job. Their sound may be a little different that your average SG fan is used to, but I don’t consider that a bad thing. Variety can be very refreshing sometimes.

    • I do not see them listed on the line-up. I am sorry to see this change.

  5. Also, I see that Jerry Goff is hosting again for two of the nights.

  6. To address your points, Daniel:

    • Sisters seems like a much better choice for the Convention’s “Acapella” moments, seeing as they are a much more recognizable name in our genre. The King’s Heralds were outliers. Sisters have been a integral part of this music for decades, now. Good call, NQC.

    • It’s good to see groups on the verge of major national prominence get the nod, such as the Browns, Browders, Taylors and Soul’d Out. Groups like the Lesters and Naomi & the Segos have arguably hit their peak and are declining; it’s still good to see their names listed on the Main Stage schedule again, however.

    • All-Quartet Night is a neat re-addition. Glad it’s back.

    • Though Daily & Vincent is one of bluegrass’s biggest names right now, Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver have carried the bluegrass/gospel mantle for years now, and do so with unquestionable quality. The loss of D&V is not a welcomed addition, but with DL&Q getting more time, it’s hardly a deal breaker.

    • I am going to assume (whether it is safe to do it or not) that Signature Sound has a scheduling conflict or prior plans, and thus is the reason that they are not listed as performing on the main stage. For the Board to shun this group purposefully would be so crazy to imagine, one has to assume it was the group’s decision not to attend until we hear otherwise.

    The Bowlings and the Freemans, of those note listed, are the two groups that I think, on a national front, make the least sense to me. The Freemans have been struggling to keep their date for the last five years, with on again-off again appearances. The Bowlings have been arguably one of the most successful groups, at least in terms of radio success, in the last few years. For them to be excluded as well seems odd.

    Smoky Mountain Reunion got their first, and what I assumed to be, and a sporadic, one-time appearance. Janet Paschal’s date has felt like a shaky appearance for a while. Signature Sound, the Bowlings and the Freemans, however, seem like three groups that should definitely appear on the main stage in 2012, however.

  7. I will be curious to see what happens with the Bowlings going forward.

  8. The Dixie Melody Boys back on main stage for two nights. So I guess their is someone at NQC that does listen to the people once in a while.

    • They have also kept a steady lineup for over a year, which has been said to be a factor for groups that aren’t so top tier that they would be guaranteed a spot anyhow.

  9. Jeff Foster crunched the numbers (here: [EDIT, 2/21/13: Broken Link Removed.])

    Twelve groups get three sets: – and for all the talk about board members’ groups, nine of these twelve (3/4) are non-board-member groups
    Booth Brothers (3)
    Brian Free & Assurance (3)
    Collingsworth Family (3)
    Gold City (3)
    Greater Vision (3)
    Hoppers (3)
    Kingdom Heirs (3)
    Legacy Five (3)
    Mark Trammell Quartet (3)
    Perrys (3)
    Talleys (3)
    Triumphant (3)

    Ten groups get two sets:
    Dixie Melody Boys (2)
    Dove Brothers (2)
    Isaacs (2)
    Jason Crabb (2)
    Jeff & Sheri Easter (2)
    Karen Peck & New River (2)
    Kingsmen (2)
    McKameys (2)
    Tribute (2)
    Whisnants (2)

    Sisters get four acapella moments, but those are just one song each.

    • Who are “Sisters?”

      • The Ruppe girls without Mama Ruppe.

    • no Hinsons at all at this years nqc??? Shame!!!!

      • That wasn’t a regularly touring group; it was a specially-assembled reunion set.

      • are the Hinsons not invited to attend-or just not being asked? and what about Weston, Kennys son? last year he brought the house down and was SO well received.

      • The Hinson Reunion was a special event for the 2011 NQC and was very well received. That group doesn’t tour anymore, and were very kind to agree to make those special appearances. Hopefully, it will happen again at some point. It was great!

    • The big thing I noticed is that the Inspirations have only one night. Last year they were contractually obligated (via one of the members to 3the nights but only got 2. I would be willing to guess with that kind of treatment followed by being cut to one night that the Inspirations will just stay on the road instead. And the Dixie Melody Boys jump to 2 nights? Who is running the show in Louisville??

      • Have you heard the Dixie Melody Boys lately? They have a lineup now with a sound that is well worth multiple nights on mainstage.

      • Agreed.

      • The Inspirations declined a second night invitation, and chose to appear only one night.

      • To clarify my earlier comment…Last year, the Inspirations were scheduled for two nights, not three, and chose to appear once, then leave to do other concerts that weekend.

      • Swain is right DMB got a very gifted lead singer and now have a worthy sound.

    • They need to get the Martins!!!

  10. But if the steady group is a issue of who is on main stage, what about Gold City and now Kingsmen with all of sudden changes. I really think they just messed up on DMB. There might be groups that are steady but that does not mean they should be on main stage. Of course there are very good groups who might never get on the main stage, so who really knows what goes through their heads when they make the schedule. They do need more singing and less down time for comics and their viedos.

    • As I said, there are groups with such a big name that they’ll be on mainstage anyhow. Imagine the outcry if they cut the Kingsmen and Gold City!

  11. Justin, I think the Hayes Family is continuing to sing, Janet, Sharon & Mylon. Don’t know if Mom will be traveling or not. Hayes Family hasn’t been at NQC for the past two years.
    I think the NQC has an excellent line-up this year. It’s impossible to have every group on main stage. There will always be groups left off and someone is gonna be disappointed that their favorite group is not on main stage. NQC does provide for groups to appear on showcases and the well known groups are usually offered that opportunity to be on a paid showcase. It could also be that some of the groups that don’t appear on the main stage lineup were offered the opportunity and for one reason or another ($$$) didn’t take the offer. I’m now looking forward to seeing the showcase schedule.

  12. Blackwood Brothers only one nite??. Gaither vocal band and Ernie Hauss & signature Sound not even on?.? I’m not going!!!!

    • Umm, the Gaither Vocal Band is there, and at least the Blackwood Brothers are there/back!

    • The Gaither Vocal Band will be at NQC.

  13. I predict the Bowlings will get their shot one way or another. Probably Jason will bring them up during one of his sets. He is known to do what he wants

    • This comment made me laug out loud. There are few truer statements, Jim.

  14. Glad that we have a board member that reads these blogs and comments so he can stop by and clarify some things. Thanks, Gerald!

  15. I’d much rather clear something up than to let imaginations run wild and conjecture prevail. 🙂

    • Party pooper. 😉 (teasing).

  16. I don’ t understand why the LeFevre Quartet is not scheduled to sing on the Quartet night as well Saturday night. The late Saturday night only, seems like a slap in the face. I have tickets to come but if the LeFevres are not given more recognition will just send them back.

    • Janice, did you happen to notice that groups are listed in alphabetical order? 🙂

    • I believe the LeFevre Quartet is scheduled for Wednesday and Saturday.

  17. It appears that the NQC Board has listened to the concerns of the fans from the looks of the NQC line-up for 2012. I, for one, appreciate your taking our thoughts and concerns into consideration as you made the decisions for 2012.

  18. I for one am disappointed that Smoky Mountain Reunion won’t be there. I really enjoy hearing the old-style SG music. They deliver it as well as anyone without the flashy show that most groups tends to put in.

  19. The Dove Brothers mentinoed last night (in a concert in Springfield, MO) that they will not be at the quartet convention – McCrae ended that with “and that is all I’m going to say about that”

  20. According to Jason Crabbs FB you have to be on the mailing list to vote. I registered but I have not received any emails & I haven’t been able to vote.

  21. If I understand the process correctly, a link to the ballot will be emailed to you, if you’ve registered your email address.

  22. i plan to attend all nights of the 2012 convention. i have one question to which i would sincerely like some clarification. while on stage, almost all groups speak freely about their strong and loving relationship with our LORD, but when i go to their booths, they are cold and impersonal. it appears that they’re interested only in what they can sell me. i’ve been following some groups for 25 years and have tried to have warm bits of conversation with various members of those groups, but they don’t seem interested in treating me with dignity, but merely as a potential consumer of their wares. i’m not unhappy about this, but i would appreciate some feedback. their behavior comes across as somewhat hypocritical.

    • Most would be happy to talk with you, but sometimes there are 300 people at the booth, and they just don’t have time.

      • Carroll, I agree with Daniel. I personally believe that, while NQC is a grand event that showcases a large portion of the industry at one place, it is not the best spot to get a good feel about a group’s stage performance nor go 0ne-on-one with the artists. The groups do see a large volume of people on any given night. They can be at the exhibit hall as many as 7 or more hours for six nights straight. And while I agree that people are their business, they are also human. Factor in the strict time guidelines for performances, the many other obligations such as interviews, extra matinee performances, etc, and this week becomes a grueling marathon event for a lot of the groups. NQC is a great way to hear a lot of artists at once but not normally a good way to connect with any of them for more than a few moments. The best way to connect more personally with a group is to find and attend a concert featuring only them. They’ll normally have more time to visit and you will be able to hear an entire program by the group, not just a few songs. Hang in there and keep going to concerts. You may have to remind the artists a few times who you are or what area you’re from, but the majority of artists do care about their fans and they will eventually remember you.

  23. I.am a fan of the greatest music ever looking forward to anotherconvention this yearhowever im sureits going to be quite emotional for my sister and i we lost our Mom in dec who was a fan of gospel music and enjoyed the Nqc her and our dad have enjoyed this event formany years they have had the same seats for years want to know if ther is anyway of tracing back to see howlong they have purchased those same seats one of her last requests was dont let my Nqc tickets go any info would be appreciated .if we would furnish a pic wouldit b possible to show on screen during a nite at the Convention just wondering in indy!

  24. Will the rambos be back this yeat?

  25. I noticed that Inspirations are not listed on the NQC now. Anyone heard anything about this?


  26. It is true Brady, it is hard on us to keep everything in order during NQC week. But there is nothing I had rather do than to sit down with a fan of ours and get to know them. God has blessed me with some life long friends with all the years I have been singing. So please friends and supporters of the greatest music in the world, don’t get upset when we can’t set and talk for a long time. Just know that we love you and keep praying for us for this is not only a ministry this is our job and we need to keep on keeping on for Jesus

  27. Were the Inspirations at NQC at all? We didn’t catch them if they were there.