Concert Live-Blog: Legacy Five (Lake Gibson, FL)

Legacy Five at Lake Gibson Church

Legacy Five at Lake Gibson Church

Legacy Five is appearing tonight at Lake Gibson Nazarene Church in Lake Gibson, Florida. The concert is streaming live online here. This is a live blog.

  • 6:04: Introductions.
  • 6:09: Opening congregational numbers, “His Name is Wonderful” and “Family of God.” It seems Lake Gibson’s server is already overloaded; it seems to be cutting out once every thirty seconds here.
  • 6:15: Opening prayer.
  • 6:21: As Pastor Kirby prepares to finally bring the group on stage…the server crashes entirely!
  • 6:23: The servers are back up, briefly, as Legacy Five sings “I’m Feeling Fine.”
  • 6:26: Scott Fowler kicks off his emcee work with a political joke. He said that the church made the group feel so welcome there that it was like the welcome they’d give a President … but maybe not this President. (Then he added, for a bonus, “Perhaps Marco Rubio!”)
  • 6:32: After an introduction from Scott Fowler, Glenn Dustin rattles the subwoofers with “Roll On.”
  • 6:36: Scott Fowler introduces Scott Howard, who sings the best song from L5’s latest project, “Destination Known.” (For some reason, I thought the review had already gone up, but it turns out it’s actually in the queue for next Friday.)
  • 6:42: A funny comedy moment from the Scotts—Scott Fowler was giving Scott Howard grief over his socks. Howard: “They’re golf socks.” Fowler: “Golf socks? There’s just threadbare.” Howard: “They have a hole-in-one!”
  • Trey Ivey playing piano for Legacy Five at Lake Gibson Church

    Trey Ivey playing piano for Legacy Five at Lake Gibson Church

    6:45: Scott Fowler introduced Trey Ivey with their familiar routine of Fowler telling Ivey to play something Southern Gospel, and Ivey playing a classical piece before moving into “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms.” (Thankfully, by this point in the program, the streaming issues seemed to be mostly resolved.)
  • 6:54: “Life Will Be Sweeter Someday,” with no track—just piano accompaniment.
  • 6:59: We spoke too soon. The streaming issues are back.
  • 7:01: Glenn Dustin steps out front for “Somebody Sing.”
  • 7:06: After “Somebody Sing” got a rousing response, the group immediately launched into “Boundless Love.” It seems the classics are getting the strongest response tonight—not that Lake Gibson can’t welcome new songs, since they’ve proved with other groups that they can.
  • 7:11: Evidently that’s the case, since “Boundless Love” indeed closes out the first set.
  • 7:26: The live stream crashes for several minutes at intermission. When the feed returns, Scott Fowler is doing the product pitch.
  • 7:27: Scott tells the audience to say “Wow” (at the price of the product special) “on one, two, three.” At one, several members of the audience say “Wow!” Glenn Dustin offers up some great impromptu humor: “We have to remember we’re in Florida. They can’t count.” Ouch! 🙂
  • 7:37: After a 10-12 minute product pitch, it’s back to the music. “God Had a Hand In It.”
  • 7:40: Legacy Five moves onto requests. First up: “Strike Up the Band” (from Live in Music City, reviewed here.)
  • 7:45: “Living in the Palace,” with solos from the Scotts.
  • 7:48: Scott Fowler sets up “Ask Me Why” by telling the story of a Muslim mother and daughter, Hanna and Patty, and the opportunity he had to witness to them. (This has been a key moment in their live program for the last two or three years.)

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  1. I really do enjoy hearing the church pianist! He makes it look so easy, too!

    • He sure does!

    • He is Marlin Nichols, originally from here in Michigan. He’s a great guy and comes from a very musical family.

  2. Lake Gibson Church has these concerts for 12 weeks every Saturday night starting this week. I really enjoy listening to groups that I would not have been able to hear live. Thanks for the reminder.

    • No problem! I do plan to write up some of the future episodes as well.

  3. That was part of Scarlatti’s Sonata in d minor!!

    • Thanks! I’ve heard it identified as that before, but I just stick to what I know as far as the posts go!

      • Ya gotta love Scott Howard’s comedy, too!

      • Agreed!

  4. Thank you so much for letting us know about the concert being livestreamed! Please keep us updated if their are going to have anymore livestream concerts! God Bless!

    • You’re welcome! Actually, if you check that church’s schedule, they have quite a few in the works. We won’t be able to cover them all, but we’ll surely get a few more!

  5. Great Concert

  6. Thanks for the nice comments about Lake Gibson Church and the Saturday Night Gospel sings that we have had for
    fourteen years thanks to Pastor Kirby. The Saturday Night Gospel sings begin in November -April. If you are ever
    in the Lakeland, Fl area drop by and enjoy not only the gospel music but our wonderful choir and wonderful God
    inspired sermons by Pastor Kirby.

    Proud to say I am a member of Lake Gibson, a church where everyone is warmly welcomed.

    • If I ever am in the area, there’s a pretty decent chance it will be precisely for the reason of visiting the church and catching a sing!