Top Ten Stories of 2011

Here are the ten posts that got the most visits on in the past year. The numbers given do not count those who viewed the post on the home page the day it went up, i.e., the regular readers.

  1. Tim Duncan leaves Ernie Haase & Signature Sound; Ian Owens joins (1/19/2011, 16,860 visits)
  2. Tim Duncan suffers mini-stroke (7/7/2009, 10,341 visits)
  3. Guy Penrod to join Inspirations (4/1/2009, 7,376 visits) — seriously, will we ever hear the end of this April Fools’ Day post?
  4. Penrod, Hall leave Gaither Vocal Band; Phelps, Lowry, English return (1/13/2009, 5,789 visits)
  5. Southern Gospel 101: The Essential YouTube videos, 2011 edition (3/8/2011, 5,056 visits)
  6. Brian Alvey and Lauren Talley marry (6/25/2011, 4,727 visits)
  7. Tony Greene passes away; obituary (9/28/2010, 4,496 visits)
  8. A Hint: Guy Penrod to return to GVB? (1/3/2009, 3,887 visits) — some people never give up hoping, I guess!
  9. An Interview with Tim Duncan (10/27/2011, 3,781 visits)
  10. Ryan Seaton leaves Signature Sound (12/28/2009, 3,766 visits)

The staying power of older stories is remarkable; there are five 2009 stories on the list, one 2010 story, and only four are 2011 stories. So, narrowing the list down to 2011 stories:

  1. Tim Duncan leaves Ernie Haase & Signature Sound; Ian Owens joins (1/19/2011, 16,860 visits)
  2. Southern Gospel 101: The Essential YouTube videos, 2011 edition (3/8/2011, 5,056 visits)
  3. Brian Alvey and Lauren Talley marry (6/25/2011, 4,727 visits)
  4. An Interview with Tim Duncan (10/27/2011, 3,781 visits)
  5. Tim Duncan joins Canton Junction (10/7/2011, 3,598 visits)
  6. Jessy Dixon passes away (9/27/2011, 3,563 visits)
  7. Another Interview with Ernie Haase (1/14/2011, 3,492 visits)
  8. Jackie Wilburn Passes Away (11/18/2011, 3,090 visits)
  9. National Quartet Convention 2011, Day 2 (9/13/2011, 2,598 visits)
  10. Tim Duncan to record Solo Project (3/14/2011, 2,502 visits)

Remarkably, Tim Duncan held four of the top ten spots.

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  1. Guess I missed the Guy Penrod/Inspirations one! LOL 🙂 Hilarious!

    • Well, it has been almost three years now!

  2. Part of the reason for some of the high numbers for older posts is Google. The “Guy to return” post is on the first page of results when you do a simple search for “Guy Penrod”.

    • Yes, it is, but at the same time, neither the Penrod leaving GVB nor the Penrod joins Inspirations posts make the top 10.

  3. Still looks like your readers are mainly interested in GBV/Homecoming/EHSS!!

    — and yea, I’m guilty as charged as well

    • I guess! Though I will add that my faithful readers seem to be OK with being along for the ride. 🙂

  4. Your poll doesn’t surprise me. As for Tim Duncan, I really miss him not being out there in the southern gospel music field. Hopefully, one of these days, we’ll see him again.

  5. Tim Duncan is still involved in Southern Gospel music. He’s just a little more low key now

  6. Well, that certainly indicates that Tim Duncan is a favorite of the fans, and we all like to know what is going on with him. Can’t wait to see him with Canton Junction.