Saturday News Roundup #103

Worth Knowing

  • Gold City: I don’t discuss upcoming charts unless someone else has made them public, but Gold City tweeted yesterday evening that Peter James & John is going to #1 on the Singing News radio charts. This is incredibly welcome news for the group; they haven’t had a #1 in well over a decade; their last one, “He Said” in 2000, was also written by Dianne Wilkinson. This is also their tenth #1 hit.
  • Ryan Seaton Quartet: On February 17th, the Ryan Seaton Quartet will appear at a concert in Evansville, Indiana. A poster on baritone Andrew Goldman’s Facebook page indicates that they’ll announce their official name there. Pianist Roy Webb will appear at the concert, but he’s being billed as a special guest, not a member. It’s not known if he will be announced as a new member there.
  • Karen Peck & New River: Joyful Noise, a musical starring Dolly Parton, Queen Latifah, and others, opened yesterday. It includes this performance from Karen Peck Gooch.

Worth Watching

Here’s a first look at the Booth Brothers singing the Gaither song “Tell Me,” from an upcoming project:

Also worth watching: This gem from the mid-1980s Cathedrals, “Into His Presence,” is all too forgotten today:

Worth Discussing

It’s open thread Saturday—you decide!

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  1. Glad to see GC hit the top of the charts again, but I’m shocked that it is with that song. LOL

    I love “Into His Presence.” The local group I run sound for is recording the song on their next recording. We’re also doing another “forgotten” Cathedral song from around that time, “Some Glorious Day.” I never cared for the country flavored track that was on the “Land Of Living” project, but I got a hold of a live recording of the Cats staging the song with just Gerald and Mark playing and fell in love with it.

    • Brandon, I wasn’t particularly shocked that the song made it to #1 for them. It just has what it takes musically to be catchy, whether or not people are paying any attention to the lyrics. 🙂

      I’d practically forgotten “Some Glorious Day”; I’ll go give it another listen!

  2. That is great news that Gold City made number 1! I enjoyed the videos. Tell Me Why sounds like a great song for a Booth Brothers CD. The Cathedrals video was great! Into His Presence was a great song!

    • Glad you enjoyed it, and yes, the Booth Brothers really did well in making that song their own.

  3. I always cringe when preliminary announcements are made about number one songs.

    Singing News circulates a preliminary report that is subject to correction. That was yesterday, and as far as I know, the official report has not yet been released, so I believe GC’s announcement must be based on that preliminary report. The preliminary report usually doesn’t change, but it could.

    As recently as last October, there was one radio station that did get their report in on time, but their totals weren’t included on that first report. When the official report was released with their totals included, some songs had shifted several positions. I can’t remember if it affected the number one position that month, but I do remember noticing one song that would have been in top five dropping lower.

    • That’s one reason why I never comment about something before someone else makes it public. (The other reason is that I’m not supposed to, of course!) Yet, once they’ve announced it, there’s not that much point in ignoring that discussion.

      • Agreed. If the cat’s already out of the bag, all you’re doing is saying, “Hey, there goes a cat.”

      • Precisely, and I like the idiom. 🙂

  4. Into His Presence was a great song for the Cathedrals. The video just reminds me of why I think that particular group was the best.

    • Agreed. The Funderburk lineup took years to grow on me, but now that they have, that song is an excellent case in point for their legendary status.

  5. I plan to go see Joyful Noise JUST BECAUSE Karen Peck-Gooch is in it!

  6. The Hoppers can be seen live at the Lake Gibson Church in Florida right now. I haven’t heard them in a solo concert (other than with Gather) so am looking forward to it.

  7. I believe that Booth Brothers cover is one they did in the past; but never released. Their upcoming CD is a CD full of songs they have recorded but never released. I would love to see more groups do this!

  8. I am suprised it has been so long since gold City had a number 1 song. How about “I’m Rich” or “Preach the Word”?

    • As Daniel mentioned, the most recent number one for Gold City was “He Said.” It was number one in March and April of 2000.

      “I Think I’ll Read It Again” was their first, then
      “John Saw”
      “When I Get Carried Away”
      “Midnight Cry”
      “Gettin’ Ready To Leave This World”
      “One Scarred Hand”
      “I’m Not Giving Up”
      “In Time, On Time, Every Time”
      “He Said”
      “Peter, James And John”

  9. Must say I was sorry to see Karen Peck’s participation in Joyful Noise. The movie is a disappointment – a lot of swearing and subtle mocking of Christianity – especially biblical standards of personal morality. Seems a contradition to be associated with a movie that makes light of the very message she has spent her career proclaiming

    • It’s crucial to note that actors in what the industry calls a “bit role” or “bit part,” a brief almost-cameo appearance, often aren’t given the whole script to read. She didn’t necessarily know what would be in the rest of the film.

    • Kim, I felt the same way. By the way, the director of the film is reported as being openly gay. On top of this, I was surprised to hear that there is cursing in the film and references to other immoral activity. But, let us not forget……”wisdom walks when money talks”.

  10. I understand the comments about the language and such – I saw the movie with my family Friday night and in spite of those things, we really enjoyed it! My wife actually cheered and clapped when Karen Peck Gooch came on! The director has been quoted as saying this was not a “religious film”, but instead based on his experiences as a child about a choir in his hometown. My whole family enjoyed it and I RARELY go to the movie.

  11. Into His Presence…! Wish there was a group that good out there today.

  12. To anybody who’s seen it: is it family-friendly?

    • I believe that, based on comments several others have left, in addition to a few I’ve deleted because they’re harsher than the rules permit, it would not be a movie one would take children to see.

      • Yeah, after I posted my first comment, I wished I hadn’t. Thanks for deleting it Daniel. 🙂

  13. I have not seen the movie yet, so I cannot comment on its content. But I will say that I’m not sure what people were expecting. This is Hollywood and a fictitious story. Surely anyone who has watched television in the last 15 minutes knows that seldom do producers and directors “get it” when it comes to Christian values and morals. I trust the ministry and heart of Karen Peck Gooch enough to believe that she would not do anything to intentionally jeopardize her ministry for a few minutes of face time in a movie. From what I have heard and seen on previews and YouTube clips, her personal role in the film does not seem disrespectful. As for her involvement in this movie and being around the people who are in it, I would hope that her appearance in this film would increase interest in her group’s music and ultimately southern gospel would gain as a whole because of it. I also know that Jesus was frequently criticized for the people with whom he hung out, yet he knew that those people needed the gospel as much as anyone else. If Karen radiated the light and love of Jesus the way I know her to, I’m sure there were people there who saw Him through her. And in my book, that’s not a bad thing at all. How will the message of Christ get out to the lost, if no one is willing to go out and take it to them? I personally think she was brave to step out into uncharted territory and I wish nothing but positive results for her group and for the gospel music community as a result of her appearance in the movie.

  14. I came across your 2008 post about Mack Taunton. Is the information (email address) provided there still accurate?

    • I don’t know. It’s been three or four years.