Free mp3: “I Shall Know Him” (Ball Brothers)

Earlier this week, the Ball Brothers made an offer to their Facebook fans: If their Facebook page ( reached 6,000 fans by Friday, they would give everyone a free mp3aβ€”an a cappella track, and the first song released with brand-new baritone Andy Tharp. Over the night, they reached that goal.

They also extended this offer to readers. So, for a free mp3 of “I Shall Know Him” (the Fanny Crosby hymn, also known as “My Savior First of All”), right-click this link to save the file to your computer. (Note: The twenty-four hour period has passed; thanks for taking part!)

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  1. Thought this song was well done. Looking forward to hearing more of the ‘new’ group this year.

    • It is, and so am I!

      • Daniel, had you ever heard The Mullins do that version in the 90’s? There was little variation in the arrangement, and equally as good.

        If you’ll look at groups across the industry who have been known for ‘blend’, (Collingsworth Family, The Martins, The Booth Brothers, The Mullins, and others) they all had one thing in common – – Family, and many times family = blend!

        I’ve always said, it’s easy to put 4 guys together who can sing well, but not so easy to put 4 guys together who have Talent + Chemistry!

        In a lot of groups, it’s more or less 3-4 guys/gals singing a solo, and sometimes I want to tell them, “You would do SO much better if you would simply ‘listen’ to the others in your group AS you’re singing and try to blend in with them! Enjoyed the clip!!

        My .02

      • No, I haven’t heard that version, but I had heard about it. πŸ™‚

  2. The actual title of the song is “My Savior First of All”. It is in the redback church hymnal. The Ball Brothers do a nice job, but Dan was right. The Mullins have to be credited with the arrangement from their Against the Odds project. You can watch them sing it here

    • Yes, I know that the actual title is “My Savior First of All”, which is why I made that note in my post. πŸ™‚

  3. Yes, we got this arrangement from the Mullens. We started singing this with Andy soon after we heard them do it in the early 90’s. At the time, we were in our early teens and tried learning every unique a capella arrangement we could find. The Mullens had several good arrangements and had a great blend!

    • *Mullins

  4. @ Daniel Ball – – For the record, I didn’t mean that you all had copied it from them, I was just remembering that the arrangements were identical. It’s been long enough that many of todays SG fans won’t even be familiar with the Mullins Brothers. I loved them.

    Just wanted to clear that up. I really enjoyed your clip!

    • @Dan – No problem. =) I was just wanting to give them props for the arrangement and the influence they have on our blend.

  5. I have tried to download the mp3 of “I Shall Know Him”, but for some reason its not working…..any help??

    • As the post above notes, this was a 24-hour offer ten months ago; thus the link is no longer available. Sorry about that!