Poet Voices returns

Phil Cross relaunched Poet Voices last night in a unique way—with this song video:

He’s joined by tenor Dan Callahan and PV alumnus Donny Henderson.

UPDATE: Click “Read More” for the text of the written press release.

In 1991, Gospel Music songwriter, Phil Cross formed Poet Voices. Gospel Music fans quickly fell in love with the music and message presented by this unique new artist. Over the years the group became a staple in Gospel Music and garnered many of the top honors in the field. Most importantly, they were recognized by both fans and peers as one of the most respected ministry teams in Gospel Music.

We are excited to announce that starting immediately, Poet Voices is resuming it’s tour schedule. PV will be presenting a brand new solo tour throughout 2012 and beyond and their new recording is in post production and will be available early 2012.

PV concert events will feature many of the group’s top 10 songs as well as some new compositions from group members Phil Cross, Donny Henderson, and Dan Callahan. Selections that will be featured include: Jesus Built A Bridge, The Key, One Holy Lamb, I Am Redeemed, and Grace & Glory.

For the last few years PV founder and Gospel Music songwriter, Phil Cross, has been quite busy promoting and extending the reach of Gospel Music into the Church. He formed a choral company to assist Worship Leaders and Music Pastors in the quest for relevant, quality choir music, and provided additional support by conducting weekend long choir clinics. Additionally, Cross created and produced the much acclaimed event and video series called “Song Of A Lifetime” that introduces audiences with the writers and the stories behind many of Gospel Music’s most popular songs. The series currently contains several full length DVDs, and the event continues to be one of the most loved and highest attended showcases each year at the National Quartet Convention.

“The last 10 years have been amazing and I have been blessed to see God work in my life and in the lives of so many.” Says Cross. “I feel like I have reached a place in my journey that can allow me to return to something that has always been a real passion of mine… touring with Poet Voices.”

PV events will also be supported with all of the necessary promotional tools including posters, radio spots, customized videos, flyers, and other printed materials, along with a our 12 week promotional plan to ensure a successful event. Event planners will have more tools than ever before. With ten acclaimed recordings to their credit, as well as numerous popular releases, including five Number One hits, Poet Voices has firmly established a place at the forefront of Christian Music.

Since its formation in 1991, this popular group has gained the respect of its peers and Gospel Music supporters alike and continues to be one of Gospel Music’s most beloved and influential groups.
Phil adds, “I am excited to share this timeless message of Grace & Glory with our friends and fans and I really believe that the best days are ahead for The Church, for Gospel Music, and for Poet Voices.” The booking process has already begun for 2012. Contact Brian Burchfield 423-754-4350 for scheduling information.

To learn more about PV you can visit the official website at PoetVoices.com.

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  1. love your sound and enthusiasm!

  2. Enjoyed the clip. I remember them singing that song back in the 90’s and loved it then as well.

  3. Exciting news. I kind of got a Booth Brothers-sound with that clip. Are my hears deceiving me?

  4. Your hears? 🙂 No, they’re not deceiving you .:)

    • Ha! Oh my. I just hate typos.

      • Me, too! Especially when they’re funny!

  5. Thanks, Daniel.
    See you soon.

    • No problem! Glad to see you back on the road!

  6. So glad you are back on road!! Iv looved your music for many yrs!!Be praying for you dailey!!

  7. Doees anyone know whether a move to quartet is in their future? Personally, I prefer the traditional four part harmonies of bass, baritone, tenor and lead.

    • Ever since 2002, any time Phil has had a Poet Voices on the road, it’s been a trio.

  8. When might the new CD be out?

    • On CD, I don’t know. I put down the $5 and bought it off poetvoices.com two days ago.

  9. Daniel, you are awesome! Hey, what would a fella have to do to get his hands on footage from a recording studio?

    • I don’t know – was there footage? 🙂

  10. wOw!!!

    GREAT sound…love, Love, LOVED that…made me realize how much we MISS you guys!

    It took all of 10 seconds for me to break out in goosebumps. How exciting that you’re back!!!

    • Thanks, Harriet.

  11. Definately not JUST uplifting entertainment tonight at Bridges of Hope Fellowship …. but a high energy, breathtaking, heartwarming evening of spiritual blessing ! If ever there has been a time of sharing the love of God through gospel music, it was tonight. All I can say is if you happen to have missed it and you ever get the chance to see Phil Cross & Poet Voices ….. you do not want to miss the opportunity !!!