Saturday News Roundup #104

Worth Knowing

  • Karen Peck & New River: Joyful Noise, the movie including an appearance by Karen Peck, was #4 in the box office last week. The soundtrack, featuring the musical performances from the movie, was #1 on Billboard’s Soundtrack Bestsellers list.
  • Kingdom Heirs: Here’s a concert review from a very impressed Cayman Compass newspaper reporter after their Grand Cayman Islands appearance.
  • Awards: AbsolutelyGospel announced their 2012 Ovation Awards nominees. Voting will open February 1.Β [EDIT, 2/21/13: Broken Link Removed.]
  • Awards: The Christian Voice Magazine awards nominations are open now, here. [EDIT, 4/18/13: Broken link removed.]
  • Awards: The Diamond Awards nominations are open now, here.

Worth Watching

Here’s a first look at the Ball Brothers with new baritone Andy Tharp:

Worth Discussing

It’s open thread Saturdayβ€”you decide!


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  1. Isn’t today Tuesday? πŸ™‚

    • Yeah. I hit the wrong button. Thanks for the catch; this post isn’t done yet! πŸ™‚

  2. I drove nearly 100 miles each way Thursday night to see the Perry’s near David Bruce Murray’s home – a series of concerts this month featuring the Perrys. Strong opening group in the Good News Trio from Rock Hill, SC. Very strong!

    I love SG, but I decided that night that I would not attend any more concerts without at least one group having some live music. As good as the Perrys are, I can’t tell you how disappointed I am to not see a piano on stage – or a guitar…nothing!

    Upcoming concerts will feature the Kingdom Heirs (FEB), Inspirations (MAR), Dixie Echoes (APR), and Hoppers (MAY). I’ll definitely go in FEB and APR, maybe in MAR and perhaps in MAY as the Hoppers will have a piano, drums and occasionally a guitar.

    I don’t mean this as bad as it might sound – but I am refusing to pay for “professional” karaoke. The Perry’s are about as good as it gets, and I have a solid collection of their CD’s…so I can listen to everything I heard the other night in my car.

    I understand the economics very well. Having a musician or two is part of the business.

    Give me some live music. Supplemental tracks are OK with some live music, but at least sing a handful of songs with just the piano. NO MORE money from this fan.


    • I agree 110%! Back in the “day”, all we had was a piano player and later, maybe a bass player, (that’s how I got my start)! We played anywhere we could and traveled in a passenger van. Sometimes the A/C would work, but more often than not, it didn’t. The singers would “play off” our energy and vise versa. You don’t get that with a karaoke machine. I would love to see a much higher demand for more professional Christian musicians. Just because we don’t sing, doesn’t mean we don’t love the Lord!

    • Ed,
      I wish you had said “Hello.”

      I was passing out program booklets at the door.

      • DBM:

        I got there just after 7:00 during the opening solo song. It is a great auditorium and I can’t wait to see the Kingdom Heirs and Dixie Echoes.

        See you then.


      • Yes, it’s a nice venue. The echo is a trifle boomy in there, but both sound men did an excellent job last Thursday.

        If you come back for the Dixie Echoes in April, you’ll get a chance to suffer through some of my keyboard playing. LOL

      • Well, would the one who is the passenger maybe get too stressed by the other’s driving? πŸ˜‰

      • Maybe we should drive together to some of these, and split gas costs. πŸ™‚

  3. Looks like this is “Get Out the Vote Day” in more ways than one!

    Great news about Joyful Noiae!

  4. Andy, you were a little flat. I know this might not be the best place to post this but everyone else is thinking the same thing. jk Great job! =)

  5. Since this is an open thread, I was wondering………
    Whatever happend to former Florida Boys and The Sound tenor Terry Davis?

    What do you think of Gold City doing a reunion, like the Cathedrals did? Would be a GREAT THING, in my opinion.

    • Gold City is doing a few reunion dates in 2012 with the Wilburn, Trammell, Parrack line-up. It will only be a few select dates, though.

      I’d like to see them do a full fledged DVD/CD with all the former members and record label support.

    • According to his Facebook profile Terry Davis is working at Graceville Correctional Facility, Graceville FL. He does have a website with a schedule with no dates on it. That could mean it is just not updated, something that seems to be a common problem… πŸ™‚

  6. One more thing:
    What would you say is Tim Riley’s lowest note on a studio recording?
    He’s consistently deep on “Lord, Do It Again” (1994) and “Standing In The Gap” (1995, right?)
    “He Took The Hill” and “He Who Was And Is To Come”, off of “Pressed Down, Shaken Together, Running Over” (2001), are impressive.
    “When He Reached Down His Hand”, off of his solo album “Lifetime of Treasures” is wayyyy down. They’d most likely be bone-crushing notes, if played through a system with a very accurate subwoofer.

    “A Collection Of Favorites” consistently puts him in the basement.

  7. Here’s one for you, the best bass singer. I like Richard Sterban, George Younce, Tim Riley as far as the old school go. Each has their own strengths and each might lack something one or the other two don’t. As far as current SG basses go, I would have to say Tim Riley, no contest at all. Pit George Younce against him and I would have to say Tim probably has a low note or two and possibly more cut on the very bottom, but I’d still have to go with George Younce as far as the whole package is concerned. For a while it looked like Aaron McCune was going to be among the elite someday. Then Chris West looked like he might too. Thoughts?

    • Here’s the funny thing. Tim doesn’t like to go below the lowest G on the piano. (I don’t know if he ever has.) And he does it like NOBODY’s business! πŸ™‚

      But on “I’ll Live for Him” on Land of Living, George Younce hit the F-sharp a half-step below that. πŸ™‚

      • Actually, Riley hit an F# on “What A Glad Day” (and maybe lower elsewhere). Younce’s though is an F on that piece. I think you are still thinking a half step too high due to your faulty gear. Younce hit an E beneath that at the end of “The Love of the Lord” on a solo album (and STRONG). He also hit an Eb beneath that on the Johnny Cash lp, I believe, but it isn’t as pronounced.

        Nonetheless, at least in later years, Younce seemed to have about an Ab or maybe a G most of the times. He hit lower at times, but probably not every time.

        Riley seems to almost always have the G. There was one video where he seemed to have some issues with it, but that might have just been a bad day or something.

      • Ah – point granted!

    • I have to say that Jeremy Lile is a great bass singer. I’ve not always thught that, as the mix favors Brian Free’s vocals, but if you listen to Die Another Day and a couple of their later recordings, he hits some notes that rival many other name bass singers.

      • Jermey is solid for sure.
        My first impression of Jermey , after hearing Crystal River on radio, was, “what’s the big deal?”
        But the more I hear him, the more I’m comming to like him. I wouldn’t predidct that, 20 years from now, fans will be ranking him amongnst the absolute best. But he’d probibly be mentioned as a good, solid singer. Like Ed O’Neal and Ray Reese, not flashy or jaw dropping, but always there and adding a good solid bass part to a group’s sound.

  8. I’m pretty sure Tim hit an F# on the end of the song “What a Glad Day”. I’m not sure of the project title but I think it was late 80’s.

    • Beat ya to it, Bob (see my post above). πŸ™‚ That song was on “Goin’ Home”, if I am not mistaken. I remember too that they did the song on the Dove Awards that year and Tim didn’t go for the low note there. πŸ™‚

  9. Hey quartet-man. Was that the awards show where Kurt Young did his thing? Tim told me he hit the note as a favor to Garry Jones…just for the project. I’m sure the sound was probably awful on stage for the awards usually is in situations like that.. so Tim may not have felt he could hear well enough to go for it. Back then that was a full step below where he liked to sing; though I’m sure he could do it today with little difficulty.

    • Bob, that is very possible. I couldn’t remember which year it was. I want to say it might have been another year Larry Gatlin got the Gaither Vocal Band, Jake Hess and J.D. Sumner to fill in on the Oak Ridge Boys’ parts on “The Prodigal Son”, but it was one of those two I think.

      Thanks for the behind the scenes info. Yeah, I know how stage sound, the time of day etc. can affect one’s voice and he may have just opted to play it safe rather than do the gliss and not make it all of the way down. πŸ™‚

  10. Hey, Guys!
    What A Glad day was the Gold City song just before The Cathedrals did This Old House on the Dove Awards. Brian’s mic was extremely hot and the sound man didn’t pay attention to the quartet blend. The sound man hurt Kurt that night. All he would have had to have done is pull Kurt’s fader down. Obviously, not just anyone can mix a Southern Gospel Quartet!

    • Thanks. I should have both on a VHS from the original broadcast around here somewhere (packed away). BTW, either the sound man was a tenor himself (and wanted them to be heard) or a bass with the desire to sabotage. πŸ˜‰

  11. I haven’t seen if anyone has made mention to the fact, but the NQC schedule has been updated, and the Bowlings have been added to the Tuesday night line-up.

    • I do believe you might just be the first person to notice that. I haven’t really examined the schedule since it was first posted.

      • If EHSS declined an invitation and the Bowlings have been added to at least one night, the two biggest “wrongs” have been made right for the 2012 schedule. Still disappointed that the Freemans didn’t get at least one set, but you can’t have it all, I guess.

  12. Unfortunatly, I don’t have the project “Windos Of Home”.

    What about the song “Pray”, off of Preparing The Way?

    “when you don’t feel ike praying, pray.”

    I checked that one on a keyboard before, and seem to remember it being relativly close what you all are saying the end of “What A Glad Day” is.

  13. Just discovered that, before his passing, Charlie Burke had formed a quartet called Master’s Music Men.
    Here are audio samples of the recording they had made.

  14. Hey, who is filling in for the Kingsmen? I found YouTube videos that show Harold Reed with the LeFevre Quartet.

    • The LITTLE GIANT, Ernie Phillips himself.

  15. Re Larry Gatlin doing Prodigal Son with GVB, Jake Hess and JD on Dove Awards: Does anyone have a video of that? I taped it on VHS but lost it at some point. Thought it was a great performance.

  16. Norm, I am sure I do, but it would be packed away and not easy to find right now.

  17. Norm, I have the video of that performance. The vocal band also did “A few good men” that night if i remember correctly. By the way, i have a recording where i am hitting a middle C, that’s prettty low isn’t it?