Sony’s Thought: Your Mountain’s Not Too Hard to Climb

Now you may have seen me strong and victorious
The enemy fallen down at my feet
But holding the sword is a hand that was trembling
For I knew that alone, I’d face defeat.                   ~Squire Parsons

Do you ever feel like that? I’ve experienced that so many times. I know people look at me as a strong warrior when, inside, I feel like a child. I praise God that in His weakness, I am strong. I may not always feel strong but, as I run to my Father, He steps in between me and whatever foe is facing me to win the battle for me.

There are mountains that I’m asking God to move out of my way but I thank Him for the assurance that, if that’s the mountain He has for me, I don’t have to climb it alone. Sometimes the road ahead is scary if I think about it too much but I’m striving to keep my eyes on Him for He knows what’s best for me. If I truly believe that, I won’t worry. I’ll simply reach out, take His hand and say, “Lord, lead me where You desire me to go. Help me to trust You unwaveringly.”

If you find yourself falling into fear and depression due to the path you see ahead of you, don’t let the enemy take you there. Cling to God’s hand and praise Him for His faithfulness. If you believe you serve a good God, that won’t be hard to do.

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