The Cathedrals’ Essential 25: Nominations

The Essential 25 series was inspired by our Southern Gospel 101 post, where we collectively compiled the 101 videos we would use to introduce a newcomer to Southern Gospel. The Essential 25 is a group-specific list of the YouTube performances we would use to introduce a newcomer to the group.

This week, let’s compile nominations of Cathedrals videos. We’ll probably wait a few days, perhaps until early next week, before whittling down the list and posting a final list, to allow plenty of time for research.

The idea is to both find representatives of major eras in the group’s history and to discover those moments that capture what made the group great and got us to love them.

What are your favorite Cathedrals videos on YouTube?

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  1. I’ll kick it off with a few favorites:

    Haase years: Hard Trials:

    Funderburk years: Then Came the Morning:

    Talley years: Step into the Water:

    Funderburk years: Land of Living:

    Haase years: We Shall See Jesus: (Maybe we want a higher-quality version, but maybe we want to impress newcomers with 300,000+ views even more!)

    Tremble years: Love Found a Pardon:

    We also need something from the Bobby Clark years, of course, but I don’t know if there is anything other than footage from the 1995 Reunion VHS, which doesn’t have Danny Koker. I’d really like something with the full original lineup if possible.

    • Video footage exists of the Cathedrals with Bobby Clark and Danny Koker from the Grand Ole Gospel Reunion circa 1994.

      Speaking of Danny Koker, if any of your readers ever watch Pawn Stars on the History Channel, Danny’s son is one of the experts on the show who restores cars and choppers. He’s known as “The Count”.

      • That is absolutely fascinating! Just because of the Cathedrals connection, I’ll have to see if I can find any clips of that show online.

        Do you know if any of that GOGR 1994 footage is online? Someday I hope to find someone interested in selling old GOGR tapes, but for the purposes of the present list, I can only link to things which are online.

      • You know I watch Pawn Stars all the time and wondered if there was a connection between Danny Koker and the Count. It would be interesting to find out if Count is a Christian and how he ended up in Vegas. I wonder if he can sing?

      • It’s not too complicated how Koker ended up in Vegas – his father, Danny (as noted in his obituary a couple of years ago) ended up becoming a businessman in Vegas, owning a TV station and possibly a few other businesses, though the TV station is the only one sticking out firmly in my recollections.

    • I can one-up you on “Hard Trials.” Here is that entire hymn medley, starting with “There’s Something About That Name.”

      • Hard Trials was listed on the CD as a separate track, and I do believe it was intended as a separate song. It’s rather not hymn-like, and though Roger Bennett provided a smooth musical transition, it has a very different feel and style from the hymns.

      • Yes, but since they’re all together here, might as well use the single clip with more material in it. And I don’t think there’s a Youtube of Glen singing “Because He Lives” anywhere else. Go with this one.

      • I’m just speaking for myself here: If I’m handing someone somewhat interested, or even mildly curious, a list of 25 songs to watch, I would want it to be 25 songs. Sure, there are groups I can find 20-minute videos, or 60-minute videos, like a full Poet Voices concert, for example, but that’s not the sort of thing placed in a YouTube playlist.

      • All I can say is, it was this clip, showing them going through a medley of several songs, that blew me away and first got me interested in the Cathedrals. I can assure you it would not have been the same had only a portion of the medley been shown. It was that very spontaneous spirit of “Let’s do this one next…” that embodies everything that’s missed and loved about the Cathedrals. To some extent it’s a lost art. If you cut all that out, it loses a lot of its power.

      • Meanwhile, if that clip had been my first exposure to the Cathedrals, I probably would not have finished the clip, and not having finished it, I certainly wouldn’t have checked out anything else!

        So I’ll just clarify: In this list, I’m looking for nominations of single-song videos.

      • The “Because He Lives” portion of that is one of my favorite performances of theirs.

      • I do like the performance of “Because He Lives.”

        Besides the fact that I intend for the list to be single-song videos, here’s another thing: I think of “Something About That Name” as probably the Gaither’s all-time weakest song, at least among their songs acclaimed as classics.

        It’s mildly ironic that this is written by the same authors as the song “Songs that Answer Questions,” since this says there’s “something about” the name of Jesus but pretty much leaves you to guess what that something is.

      • (…all of which explains why the song gained enough traction in praise & worship churches that I grew up around it – churches that certainly didn’t do their more doctrinal songs.)

      • Does the recitation help tell you what the “something” is?

      • Well, yes, but number one, they don’t do the recitation here, and number two, a Gospel song shouldn’t have to be explained with a recitation to make sense … because people will sometimes do just the song! 🙂

      • Upon further reflection, I need to correct myself and stand corrected. “He Filled My Life with Ecstasy” is a weaker Gaither lyric, and was even before the word “ecstasy” came to refer more to the drug than the state of utter euphoria.

  2. Some of my favorites

    Funderburk years: This Old House

    Haase years: Wedding Music

    Talley years: I Know A Man Who Can

    Funderburk years: Somebody Touched Me

    Haase years: Every day, Every hour

    Talley years: My Lord Will Send A Moses

    One more, lets get a Trammell feature one the list, Master Builder, with Gerald Wolfe on piano

    • Thanks! Of course, I’m at work now – my shift begins in about 30 seconds – but I look forward to watching these tonight. 🙂

  3. Daniel here is the video of the original lineup at the 94 GOGR. It starts with George singing with the Blue Ridge Quartet. It was part of the “This Is Your Life” with George Younce they did one year.


    here is a better version of “Sinner Saved By Grace”

  5. Oops, that should be a better version of “We Shall See Jesus” Duh…

    • We may have to have a vote all its own between versions with Haase, Funderburk, and (if we can find one) Talley on the endings.

  6. The Lamb Has Prevailed –

  7. Include this for comedic purposes?

    • great video but if you listen closly its danny funderburk accually singing the tenor part

  8. One more. Glen has great energy in this one:

  9. I have really enjoyed watching all these. Love them all! Would be great to include in the top 25 one with Ernie singing OH What a Savior.

  10. Even Winds Whisper His Name:

    Love Found a Pardon:

    Keep on the Firing Line:

    I Can See the Hand:

    or from the same concert,

    I’ve Just Started Living:

    I’ll quit now . . . I could go on all night.

    Into His Presence

    Slightly off topic, but I wish there was a way to thank the Cathedrals for their years of service, sacrifce and travel….I just had the chance to play the Cathedrals acapella version of Abide with Me for my dad. He is close to dying. No one could communicate a lyric like the Cathedrals….abide with me.

  12. Jesus Saves, at 1994 Billy Graham Crusade in Cleveland: