Singing News posts first Weekly Chart

Last September, Singing News announced the launch of a weekly radio chart. That chart launched today and is here (subscriber-only link).

The Kingdom Heirs kick off the chart in the #1 spot with “Tell Me Why.” It seems that much of the rest of this top 10 chart, though, is filled with fairly new singles; several are recently released, and four of the ten did not appear on last week’s chart. Could this chart ultimately play a role in cycling singles through more quickly?

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  1. Let’s hope so. Songs in our genre have always been released too slowly. A good recording should have the potential for at least five radio singles, if not more.

    • I completely agree. I would love to see projects have four, five, or six radio singles. I think that knowing that many songs would go to radio would spur groups to keep looking until they know they have that many that are worthy to send to radio for every project.

      At the same time, if a project has a “Blind Man Saw it All,” “My Name is Lazarus,” or “Jerusalem” on it, I’d be perfectly fine with an exceptionally good song staying around for 4-6 months, like it does now.