Saturday News Roundup #105

Worth Knowing

  • Mary Tom Speer Reid has been hospitalized for dehydration sickness. Her family requests prayer.

Worth Reading

Worth Watching

We love watching Arthur Rice take a note and hold it forever. Watch Kingdom Heirs pianist Andy Stringfield try (and also note Arthur Rice ending on tenor, Andy on lead, and tenor Jerry Martin on baritone!):

Also worth watching: The new Mark Trammell Quartet lineup, with Eric Phillips, singing “Glory Road”:

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It’s open thread Saturday—you decide!

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  1. We worked with Mark & Company on Thursday of this week in Magnolia, Arkansas. All the guys on our bus agreed they sounded better than ever! Their blend, with Eric, sounds as if they’ve been singing together for years… not just weeks. When you add those great songs that Mark picks so well, you have all the ingredients for a GREAT quartet! Here’s my recommendation… GO HEAR THEM!

    • So looking forward to seeing MTQ, along with some other favorites, this next weekend. Am hoping to hear “Glory Road” live once more as only Eric can do it.

    • I plan to take that recommendation the first opportunity I can find!

    • I just got home from doing just that…:)

  2. Brian Free has posted on his Facebook page that he will be entering the hospital on Monday for tests. The following is the quote from his announcement:
    “So that there will be no misinformation spread, I’m having some tests done on Monday. I’ve been having blood pressure issues lately and some heaviness in my chest. They will be doing a heart cath to check for any blockage. I know I’m in God’s hands and HE is in control. If you will, lift me and my family up in your prayers. I’ll let you know the results. Thank you!! Brian

    • Thanks for the update!

      • Per Brian Free’s Facebook posting, he had the heart cath today and the cardiologist found only a 10% blockage which required no action. The diagnosis is most likely gastric reflux, which I know from personal experience mimics heart problems. Praise God for the good report

      • Glad to hear it!

  3. The video of MTQ singing “Glory Road” was mine, taken backstage at our concert with them in Temple, TX that we hosted. I apologize that the big finish didn’t make it on to the video. My iPhone ran out of memory during the repeat of the chorus!

    • Yes, I noticed the comment to that effect in the caption, but even so, what was there up to the cutoff was so good that I had to share it.

  4. Congratulations to the Oak Ridge Boys for the James D. Vaughan impact award! I’m a big fan!

  5. As a note: when I clicked on the link to go to “Southern Gospel Chronicles”, a virus threat popped up. Don’t know if this happened to anyone else, or if it is even legitimate, but I certainly exited the site quickly! So, proceed with caution, y’all!

    – T for TGF

    • No, I didn’t get the message. However, the Southern Gospel Critique blog appears to have vanished inexplicably (replaced by the Edwards Family’s homepage) and I’ve received virus warnings when I click on the names of archived columns and posts that come up in google searches. I’ve e-mailed Brian about it—still waiting on a reply.

      • Update: Brian says they’re having security issues, and he’s asked for prayers that they’ll be able to come back soon.

      • Frustrating. Southern Gospel news websites have been under siege these last few weeks – hosting companies have violated their guarantees to shut down both mine and DBM’s within the last few weeks, forcing us to move to other hosts, and now this!

      • Yes, Southern Gospel Critique is down for now to deal with some security issues. Pray for Adam as he deals with them and gets it back up and running.

  6. I get some sort of error message when going to Southern Gospel Chronicles and it closes the website. I wondered if it was just me having problems with this site. I’ve really wanted to read some of the reviews posted there but have not been able to successfully access this site for several weeks.

  7. This isn’t related to any of this news, but does anyone know who has been singing tenor for Kingsman since the departure of Harold Reed?

    • Ernie Phillips has been filling in. I, personally, would love it if he came back full time!

      • Thanks. Ironic that today Kingsmen posted this youtube video featuring Ernie.

  8. Can somebody help me out with Ivan Parker’s career overview. You know,

    Gold City (19??-19??), etc.

    • Ivan was with Singing Americans approximately 1982-1983 and then with Gold City approximately 1983-1993

  9. Any update on how Mrs. Speer is doing?

  10. Just to update on the conversation in this thread…Southern Gospel Critique is back up and running, and better than ever. Please never hesitate to let us know if you see something strange over there.

    • Glad you’re back up!

    • I did see something very strange over there before it went down. You said that many of the Greater Vision re-cuts of Cathedrals songs were better than the originals. THAT is STRANGE. 😉