Essential 25, The Cathedrals: The Poll

The Essential 25 series was inspired by our Southern Gospel 101 post, where we collectively compiled the 101 videos we would use to introduce a newcomer to Southern Gospel. The Essential 25 is a group-specific list of the YouTube performances we would use to introduce a newcomer to the group.

We recently took nominations for the best single-song Cathedrals performances on YouTube; we sought both find representatives of major eras in the group’s history and to discover those moments that capture what made the group great and got us to love them. Now it’s time to vote! Which five are most deserving of a place in the top twenty-five?

(A list with links is after the poll and the break; click through to the full post to see it.)

[polldaddy poll=5922484]

A list with links (era, denoted by tenor, in parentheses):

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  1. I’d vote for “Oh What a Savior,” but Haase’s best performance of the song wasn’t included, even though this one has historical significance. I’ll probably vote for it anyway though.

    • Did you nominate the one that you consider his best performance? If so, I must have missed it, so I went looking for one with historical significance.

      • I did. Unless something happened to the comment you should be able to go find it. It was the one from _Deep In the Heart of Texas_. I also nominated _I Want To See Jesus_.

        I’m also disappointed that “Hard Trials” didn’t make it from the medley. I nominated the whole thing but since for some reason you didn’t want to include the Youtube of the entire medley, I assumed you would consider it a nomination for whatever you were willing to include from it.

      • I really thought I included “I Want to See Jesus.” In fact, I remember typing it in … if it’s not there, I must have accidentally deleted it.

        I’m also disappointed that “Hard Trials” isn’t on the list, but (as we discussed) I’m only going for single-song videos, and the single-song video was actually removed from YouTube between that thread and today!

      • You did include “I Want to See Jesus.” I was just trying to think of the different things I’d nominated.

      • Ah, I misunderstood your comment to indicate that it was omitted, and that certainly hadn’t been my intent!

  2. I must have spaced when the nominations were going on. Their version of Sinner Saved by Grace with Funderburk is about as good as it gets.

    • We only had right around 25 songs nominated, and I kept realizing songs that simply had to be nominated when compiling the poll (and added them last-minute). We could have easily compiled a top 101 list, if we’d been so inclined!

  3. It was way too hard to vote, but I did end up making a new YouTube playlist of my favorite Cathedrals videos! 😀