Saturday News Roundup #107

Worth Knowing

  • All things Gaither: INSP has dropped the Homecoming series.
  • Dixie Melody Boys: Rayburn Lane, who drove the bus for the Dixie Melody Boys for years, left to drive for the Dove Brothers about ten years ago. The Dixie Melody Boys announced earlier this week that he has returned. McCray Dove, quoted in the press release, offered the most unique send-off in recent memory: “I am sad that my longtime friend Rayburn is leaving. He is leaving for a good reason. Ed O’Neal needs a driver and he taught Rayburn to drive. He is a Dixie Melody Boy again but if you real close you will still see some wings on his shoulders.”
  • Cathedral Quartet: Van Payne’s daughter Darla Payne Hammons posted on Facebook yesterday that Van will be moved to an assisted living facility today; her Parkinsons has progressed to the point where she needs full-time care. Hammons added that her mother “is in great spirits and continues to trust in God, but it was a hard decision for her.” The family requests prayer. (Payne is the widow of late Cathedrals lead singer Glen Payne.)
  • Industry: Eric Melton has left Homeland Entertainment to found Choice Promotions, a publicity company focusing on radio, television, and public relations.

Worth Watching

Think that “Glory Road” is so familiar that you know what to expect? Here’s an unusual and rather different take, featuring Daniel Childs of Blackwood Legacy?

Worth Discussing

It’s open thread Saturday—you decide!

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  1. Getting ready to see EH&SS tonight in Orlando. Looks like Devin is not with them based on their facebook page. Sounds like he broke an arm and may need surgery. Wayne filled in for him last night in Crestview, Fl. Have you heard anything Daniel?

    • Well, I saw a photo taken by one of the EHSS guys on Twitter – Devin was on the bus with his arm in a sling. So he might be back; not sure!

    • I saw EHSS last night (2/10) in Crestview. FL. Ernie stated that Devin had torn something in his chest–possibly lifting weights– was going to need to go back home for surgery and was in severe pain on the bus. Wayne Haun sang Devin’s parts (and played piano). After getting over my initial tinge of disappointment that Devin wasn’t with them it was a fabulous show–they song almost every song from their new CD (*possibly every one of them, but I wasn’t keeping a list).

      After the intermission, and a couple of songs, Ernie said “I see Devin sitting in the back” and called him up. He was dressed in jeans and white T shirt with left arm in a dark sling. Ernie let Devin sing with them on I’ve Been Here Before ( great job by Devin who is featured on this one) and then told him “back to the bus!”

      This was was my first EHSS concert but it won’t be my last. A lot has been said and written about Any Other Man, but it was just one of their songs. While I like it, this CD is so good that I probably like 5 or 6 of the other songs even more. The thing that I am struck by is Ernie’s songwriting skills since he co-wrote (with Wayne Haun) the majority of the songs on “Here We Are Again” And for a guy who just had knee surgery 6 weeks ago, he can still move with the boys.

      • Thanks so much for the insight!

  2. Re: Glory Road


    • You know, I wouldn’t say that I hated it; I was more intrigued than anything else.

    • Starting out, I liked it. But eventually it got to be too much for me. Not having a high voice compared to some other tenors, I wonder if he thinks hes got to do that stuff to make up for his lower vocal ceiling.

      • I think he’s using falsetto on purpose, in much the way that some CCM male singers would use it intentionally. In other words, I think this is a CCM-infused version of “Glory Road.” 🙂

      • Daniel, thanks for posting and thanks especially for comparing me to Michael English. Michael is my number one vocal influence and I am a huge fan of his music!

      • No problem! I consider the comparison earned and fair.

  3. Why do these guys remind me of the old Sons Of Song? Maybe it’s all those over-the-top vocal inflections.

    • That’s intriguing, a comparison I would never have thought of.

    • Sons of Song… now THAT was a group!

    • Terry, it’s an honor to receive feedback from you. You are one of my heros and have been my second greatest vocal influence. God bless.

  4. Re: Glory Road
    This guys would have fit in well in the mid 1970’s. I can almost smell the cologne — I think it’s Baron.

  5. This was like riding the teacup ride at Disneyworld. I was getting dizzy trying to keep up.

    • Are you talking about the format of the post, where I offer quite a few different news stories? Or were you talking about the video?

  6. I’m not understanding this video. Are they trying to “make fun” of southern gospel, or are they being serious? I hope its not serious.

    • As I said earlier in the comments, I believe that they are trying to give a Southern Gospel classic a CCM-infused rendition, and thus that they’re serious in that attempt.

  7. Frankly I am surprised at this. Sure, it is oversung but this is a group that is trying to sing for the Lord and do their own thing. I’m surprised that this site would use this as an attempt to ridicule and mock them. Hard ro pretend this was dine for any other reason. Usually you ifnore simethinf tou just sont like. [edit]

    • Wait a minute – my intent was not to mock. I found it intriguing, not terrible. It’s dangerous to make assumptions about motives, since those assumptions are often wrong!

  8. I’d like to thank my iPhone for that magnificent spell checks sentence in my post. Wow!

  9. Ok…..but comment about the smell of cologne and the others posted cross the general line that you try to hold around here.

  10. I didn’t mean to be “ridiculing” or “mocking.” Just having a little fun (yes, perhaps at their expense) But it’s not terribly different from people poking fun at my mullet hairstyle of the early 90’s. These guys may really love the Lord and may even have a great following…I don’t know. Truth is, though, Daniel probably gave them more Internet coverage than they’ve had in a long time! In the future I will be more careful in my posts–sometimes my humor can be misunderstood.

    • I did not take it as a criticism – I took it as light-hearted humor. And yes, the problem anyone who would ever say anything funny runs into is that there is always that person who won’t understand a joke!

    • Don’t sweat it, Terry. Some people don’t get my sense of humor either even though I never intend on hurting anyone. I try to be careful and put winks in and make sure people know I am joking. Even then some just read too much into things the same way that they think that saying a song, performer, or performance is less than stellar is attacking them as Christians. I know your heart and intentions as I am sure others here do as well.

    • Thanks again for the feedback, Terry. I honestly consider you one of my vocal heros.

  11. I found this to be a refreshing sound on an old classic. Daniel Childs comes from a strong family of musical talent. Thanks for posting the video!

    • Glad you enjoyed it! There was enough good that could have been said about it that I’m surprised you’re among the first!

  12. Wow. That song wore me out. I only lasted about 1/2 way

  13. Just wanted to thank everybody for the feedback. It’s an honor to be featured on Mr. Mount’s blog.

  14. These guys are fantastic in concert!! I’m glad you noticed them. They are sooo worth seeing and they are serious about serving God with great talent. You might check out their you tube channel and web page. You’d get a better look at what they can do! Enjoy!!!

  15. Would like to go on record as saying that Daniel Child’s rendition is probably the best version of that song I’ve heard in years. [EDIT: Good grief! Don’t go there! There is no need to slam the Kingsmen-style rendition to say something nice about this one!] Daniel put a little “English” on it and sang it with power. Didn’t sound like a Kingsmen tenor, so naturally the knee jerk reaction is to say “ouch” or “couldn’t make it 1/2 through.” However, I’d be willing to bet that Terry would agree with me, that is probably pretty close to what a GVB version of Glory Road would sound like. Just my two cents.

    • It was not my intention at all to rain on anyone’s parade. I’ve listened to two other groups’ rendition of the song, and my preference is the more traditional presentation; Mark Trammell Quartet and Brian Free & Assurance by name. I’m a big fan of CCM, but my heart is also firmly planted in Southern Gospel Music. Take the song, and sing the song with a minimum of vocal gymnastics. It’s sort of like taking the National Anthem and doiong with that great song what we see at almost every sporting event.

      • You know, I can totally understand where you are coming from, yet at the same time, I imagine the National Anthem is often performed that way because that’s how many people want to do it and hear it done. 🙂

    • Nick,
      How much it did or didn’t sound like the Kingsmen had nothing to do with my earlier response.

      I have voiced support of artists who take songs in new directions MANY times. There was a group a few years ago called Valor that was known for putting their own unique spin on classic songs. Here’s how much I liked them: [EDIT, 3/16/13: Broken link removed.]

      This particular interpretation of “Glory Road,” in terms of pitch and tone placement choices, is just not as impressive. It’s those choices I’m responding to with “ouch,” not the style itself.

      Also, I’m not putting down Daniel Childs at all. No one is saying he lacks the ability to sing quite well. Now, I think a comparison to Michael English and Craig West is a bit extreme. Those are some huge shoes. That aside, he can certainly carry a melody and not in a predictable way. I just didn’t care for the choices he made in this particular case.

  16. Daniel, I suppose you are correct about the National Anthem. For the life of me, I cannot imagine why exactly anyone would prefer a song sung in a manner that renders it almost unidentifiable, but it takes all kinds. 🙂

    • Donnie,
      I think it works fine to decorate a melody, but then there’s a fine line where it’s just too much. It’s hard for a singer in that style to know just where to dial it down.

      Whitney Houston’s version of the National Anthem from the 1991 Super Bowl was amazing, for example. It was just right. Most female singers who have sung it since then in big public sporting events have attempted a similar arrangement to Houston’s, but it seems like they always try to take it just a little further than she did…and it fails.

      Their versions will forever be contrasted with Houston’s and found wanting. I know it’s fresh on our minds because of her recent death, but that was pretty much the consensus before, too. I’d much rather hear a singer perform the National Anthem with an entirely different approach vs. trying to mimic the version that set such a high standard.

      • I agree with David that some ornaments work well and enhance a song, but it is entirely possible to take it too far. One sign you have gone too far is if a person no longer recognizes the melody. (Although often the “too much” mark comes before this. Michael English at times gets it just right and I love it. Other times he does take it too far. In the following case, he got it just right.

  17. I was talking about the song. Sorry if you took it wrong. My whole point was that you can take a song and put your own spin on it without taking it so far over the top. Very few songs can be taken that far. This one went a little farther than it should.

  18. Glory Road…

    In addition to his great vocal ability, and his heart for ministry – Daniel Childs and Blackwood Legacy obviously know how to entertain and and put a smile on their audiences face. I am extremely proud of them.

    Daniel learned how to sing from the best… Andy Childs for one. He grew up intrigued by, Michael English and yes even Terry Franklin.