NQC announces NQC Music Awards

The National Quartet Convention just announced that they are creating a new awards show, the NQC Music Awards. These awards will be presented during the Friday afternoon showcases in Freedom Hall during NQC week.

The NQC Music Awards will have both a fan-based and a professional component. All fans signed up to their email list will be able to cast ballots. In addition, Industry Awarded Categories will be “determined by the music professionals that participate as exhibitors during the National Quartet Convention.” (That’s a unique solution to the challenging problem of how one defines a professional!)

These awards will be presented in conjunction with the Southern Gospel Music Guild, which will determine category criteria and screen entries for eligibility. The SGMG’s professional members will also vote on an annual award honoring a person or company which has made a significant impact in the field of Gospel Music; this award will be termed the Les Beasley Award.

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  1. Daniel, now you just need to get a SouthernGospelBlog.com booth, and you can cast your vote! Not sure what you’d sell though…

    • It’s hard to justify spending $400 or $500 to promote something that is free and generates no money! 🙂

      • Charge a small fee to any readers who want to vote. Take the money from the votes and open a booth. You could tout yourself as the “true fan’s voice.”

      • Creative! But I doubt anyone would give any money for THAT! 🙂

      • Who knows, some of the artists may pay in hopes of winning something!

      • 🙂 We’re talking about the NQC poll, though, right?

    • I know Josh and Daniel are just kidding, but this conversation really illustrates a flaw.

      A blogger like Daniel who actively promotes the industry on a daily basis will only be part of the process if he decides to fork out at least $400 for a booth. What he DOES for the industry doesn’t matter.

      Sorry, but I would not call that a solution to determining who is eligible to vote. It’s a major, major flaw.

      Wouldn’t it make more sense for the SGMG to compile a list of people who would be considered true professionals in the industry and offer them the opportunity to vote?

      I’m also curious to know if entities that buy multiple booth spots will get multiple votes. Could the vote cast by that big music store that pays for several booth spots carry more weight than the regional group that only buys one 10X10 spot?

  2. So can we assume this signals the Singing News awards
    won’t ever be returning??

    • Never say never, but at least not for the next year or two.

  3. Before this gets carried away… and too far… the actual criteria for the “Professional” categories and voting procedures are still under development. I’m sure the Criteria Cmte. will be making quite a few tweaks before the actual voting begins. I would wholeheartedly agree that purchasing a booth space doesn’t qualify someone to judge the creativity and professionalism of a Producer, Packaging Designer, Radio Promoter, or Studio Musician.

    I’m glad there will be “Professional” categories included in the NQC Music Awards, but the “fans” will undoubtedly be most interested in the traditional categories they can participate in…and rightly so.

    • Agreed on all points, and thanks for the clarification!

  4. The right thing would be for the Singing News and the NQC to “make up” so we don’t have to be subject to this type of thing. We always looked forward to eht awards thursday evening show. Don’t know who is to blame, but seems some cool heads could work it out.