Essential 25, The Cathedrals: Results

The Essential 25 series was inspired by our Southern Gospel 101 post, where we collectively compiled the 101 videos we would use to introduce a newcomer to Southern Gospel. The Essential 25 is a group-specific list of the YouTube performances we would use to introduce a newcomer to the group.

We have taken nominations of the best single-song Cathedrals performances on YouTube, and voted to determine the top 25. The results are in; after 566 votes (though each voter could cast five votes if desired), the results are in! There was a six-way tie for the final three slots, so I cast a tie-breaking vote by picking one song with the final lineup, and one each with the Tremble and Clark lineups (both crucial  since it was their only representation on the playlist).

  1. Boundless Love (denoting era by tenor—Funderburk) 10.25% (58 votes)
  2. I’ve Just Started Living (Funderburk) 10.07% (57 votes)
  3. Oh, What a Savior (Haase) 8.83% (50 votes)
  4. Somebody Touched Me (Funderburk) 8.83% (50 votes)
  5. I Know a Man Who Can (Talley) 7.07% (40 votes)
  6. Step Into the Water (Talley) 7.07% (40 votes)
  7. We Shall See Jesus (Funderburk) 6.71% (38 votes)
  8. Wedding Music (Haase) 6.54% (37 votes)
  9. We Shall See Jesus (Haase) 6.01% (34 votes)
  10. This Old House (professional recording) (Funderburk) 2.83% (16 votes)
  11. Trying to Get a Glimpse (Haase) 2.47% (14 votes)
  12. Then Came the Morning (Funderburk) 2.3% (13 votes)
  13. Land of Living (Funderburk) 2.12% (12 votes)
  14. Canaanland is Just in Sight (Haase) 1.94% (11 votes)
  15. Heavenly Parade (Funderburk) 1.94% (11 votes)
  16. I Can See the Hand (Funderburk) 1.94% (11 votes)
  17. Suppertime (Haase) 1.94% (11 votes)
  18. Blood Washed Band (Funderburk) 1.41% (8 votes)
  19. My Lord Will Send a Moses (Talley) 1.41% (8 votes)
  20. I Want to See Jesus (Haase) 1.41% (8 votes)
  21. Jesus Saves (at Billy Graham crusade) (Haase) 0.88% (5 votes)
  22. Oh, Come Along (Haase) 0.88% (5 votes)
  23. Death Has Died (Haase) 0.71% (4 votes)
  24. Even Winds Whisper His Name (Tremble)  0.71%  (4 votes)
  25. This Old House (Clark, with Koker) 0.71% (4 votes)

So, if you’re somewhat new to the Cathedrals, set aside an evening—1 hour 38 minutes 56 seconds, to be precise—and prepare to discover why many Southern Gospel fans consider them the finest group to ever grace a stage. You can watch all 25 here:

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  1. This is a very good list, especially with the limitations that having a video on YouTube imposed.

    • I agree – the readers who nominated and voted did great work!

  2. what kind of limitations did youtube impse? and i love this list!

    • We could only use songs that had been posted to YouTube! 🙂

  3. Yes, there is obviously some Cathedral Quartet music that is not on YouTube that would be equal (and in some cases superior) to these. The earlier stuff is what is most under-represented.

  4. Well, we can always add some of the other songs to youtube!

  5. You would have a well spent evening once that was done. Then [assuming you just discovered Southern Gospel] you could buy online a copy of The Farewell Concert and have another as good, if not better…

    You could then trawl the internet and find a VHS copy of Cathedral’s Reunion, and have another wonderful evening.

    After that there’s no place left to go, except anticipate the Heavenly Suppertime, where we can join the chorus. Please Lord can I be a celestial bass [don’t mind if I don’t wear funny boots].

    Sigh, till then, those guys were the best. Period.

    On a more prosaic point nice to see Danny and Ernie share the honours fairly equally. Justly so.

    • No, no, that’s not the last place to go! Start assembling a collection of their 75 or so recordings! You won’t regret it! 🙂

  6. “For what earthly reason” &
    “Wonderful Grace of Jesus”
    All feat. Danny Funderburk would be great additions to this list.