3:1 CD Review: When I Sing (The Milby Family)

3:1 Reviews offer three highlights of an album and one area that could have been improved.

1: New Convention Songs. The Milby Family dedicated half of the album “to sharing today’s finest convention-style music,” finding six new convention-style songs. It wouldn’t be far off to think of the Milby Family as a modern-day Hayes Family, one generation younger. Hayes Family fans should definitely check out the Milby Family.

2: Everybody Said “Amen”. This song, depicting revival breaking out in a church, is both the strongest of the new convention songs and the project’s strongest track.

3: At the Cross. This acapella arrangement sparkles with care, creativity, and attention to detail. Sisters Tess, Grace, and Brooke turn in a very strong performance.

:1: One more man. The Milby Family is a husband and wife and their three daughters. Since father Robin Milby sings bass (quite decently low for a mixed-group bass singer), alto Tess Milby spends much of her time in the lowest portion of her range. The group’s harmonies would be stronger if they could add a male vocalist with a baritone/lead range.

Traditional or Progressive: Leans traditional.

Credits: Produced by Donna Beauvais. Group members: Parents (uncredited by name), Tess Milby, Brooke Milby, Grace Milby. Review copy provided.

Song List: When I Sing; You Are on the Inside; He’s a Personal Savior; At the Cross; Jesus Will Come Some Day; He Saw Me; Read Your Bible Every Day; Bless Your Holy Name Again; You Must Be Born Again; Rest Easy, MY Child; I Want to be More Like Jesus; Everybody Said “Amen”!

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  1. The Milbys are an excellent group that I highly recomend. We need more of this in SG music. The shape note/convention singing is a dying art.

    • It might be a shrinking art, but they are helping to keep it from being a dying art.

  2. Speaking of the Hayes Family, There is a new radio release by the Mylon Hayes Family through UIA. It’s the classic Gordon Jenson song “Bigger Than Any Mountain.”

    • They are good! His children make some appearances at Hayes Family concerts, and joined in a song on the last Hayes Family CD.

  3. I know Tess from the Stamps-Baxter School of Music. They are great folks and very talented!

  4. Do they have any music online anywhere?

  5. The Milby Family is a class act, all the way through. You can’t find a better family with humble hearts and such great talent. If you have a chance to go see them, you need to drop everything and go. You never can tell what they will sing and/or play. They are so talented!

  6. Does the CD credits lists who wrote “You Must Be Born Again” ?

    • I think so, but I don’t recall who.

  7. Would it have been Ray Hall?
    Reason I ask, is that Ray, a bluegrass gospel singer, who lived in Ohio, wrote a song by the same name:
    “…You must, you must be born agian.
    If you’ll reach Heaven my friend
    The Bible says, ‘you must be born agian'”

    One verse mentions Nicodemous, another mentions that Christ calls us to sacrifice worldly pleasures.

    Had the chance to meet him, and hear him sing severall times, before he passed away (if memory serves) in 2005.
    If it is the same song, then it’s good to see that his music is still being sung.

    • Turns out this one was written by Alan Mahaffey.