Saturday News Roundup #108

Worth Knowing

  • Last weekend, Devin McGlamery tore his major pectoralis muscle while lifting weights during a workout. He had surgery on Valentine’s Day to repair the muscle, and is recovering. Pianist Wayne Haun has been filling in at lead until McGlamery returns.
  • The name of Ryan Seaton’s new quartet is Union Street. Their website will be; they’re on Facebook here. Members include tenor Toby Hitchcock, lead singer Ryan Seaton, baritone Andrew Goldman, and bass Aaron McCune. It appears that Roy Webb is not an announced member, though he was playing piano for the debut concert.
  • The J.D. Sumner Quartet Show, announced here, has been rebranded as the Memphis Quartet Show. Its website remains the same,

Worth Reading

  • Check out my friend and former co-worker Israel Wayne’s response to the question “Who are you to say what worship is?”

Worth Anticipating

Upcoming book and CD reviews:

  • Sunday, 2/19: Sunday Afternoon Bookworm: Illusion, Frank Peretti
  • Friday, 2/24: Family Ties, Wilburn & Wilburn
  • Sunday, 2/26: Sunday Afternoon Bookworm: Then Sings My Soul, Book 3, Robert Morgan
  • Friday, 3/2: Living in Grace, Cavaliers Quartet
  • Friday, 3/9: Living Oasis, Mark Dubbeld Family
  • Friday, 3/16: Indescribable, Chigger Hill Boys & Terri
  • Friday, 3/23: The Call is Still the Same, Dixie Melody Boys
  • Friday, 3/30: In Good Hands, Declaration
  • Friday, 4/6: When I Sing, The Milby Family
  • Friday, 4/13: Inspired, Justin Terry
  • Friday, 5/4: Book Review: Then Sings My Soul, Doug Harrison
Schedule subject to change.

Worth Watching

Here’s one neat video! It’s a home video of the Cathedrals, ca. 1990, calling Jake Hess up from the audience for a guest solo:

Worth Discussing

It’s open thread Saturday—you decide!

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  1. I’m guessing its just coincidence, but I find it interesting the similarities in the names of two new quartets…Canton Junction and now Union Street.

    • It is interesting, but I’m not sure if there is something I am missing. These are both place names, but is there anything more to the observation?

      • It is also coincidental that each of these new groups has an ex-EHSS member, with the public awareness and interest that goes with all that…

        We don’t know how much input Tim Duncan had on the CJQ name choice, probably less than Ryan had in choosing USQ [that doesn’t look right 🙂 US then?]. Mayhap a small element of a desire to create distance from the ‘PERSONALITY & the rest’ groups, a la EHSS, BF&A, GVB. On the other hand, maybe not 🙂

        What does strike me initially is the slight disappointment that the name of this new group of undoubted quality singers does not, at first glance, reflect what they represent.

        Is this a trend? Canton Junction and Union Street could be place names, they could also be popular music groups. Whereas Cathedral Quartet, Gold City, Triumphant… etc. do convey something of the ministry they represent.

        For all the ping pong word games between SGM and CCM/P&W hereabouts and elsewhere, I do think “Casting Crowns” conveys more than “Canton Junction” at first acquaintance. i speak nominally, not musically though.

        Notwithstanding the minor complaint, these boys can sing. CD and DVD will be worth the wait. [Be nice if they signed with Stow Town] Every blessing to them in their ministry.

        MEMO to Roy Webb: As for Ryan so also for you. Solo is OK. been there tried that. Quartet is better. If you have an offer, make the friends happy. It looks a good fit!

      • Here’s the meaning behind both group names.

        Canton Junction: Canton is the four corners of the flag- or the cornerstone and most important part of a building. Junction is where they meet. So, it stands for all 4 of us guys being from different states, all of us equally important, meeting in the middle to sing the gospel of Jesus Christ! (Source:

        Union Street: “All of the guys have a different story and come from different backgrounds and places. That’s why when we decided to make it official, the name “Union Street” was chosen. We feel the name really encompasses where we are in our musical careers.” says Toby. “We have all come together as a Union and are now traveling down a musical street together.” (Source:

        That similarity is what I was getting at.

      • Fascinating!

  2. As of a few minutes ago, Roy Webb is still not listed as a member on the website.

    • Thanks! I prepared this post before going to sleep, and set it to automatically load. I’ll be updating the page shortly.

  3. It will be interesting to watch Union Stree grow and I pray they will do well.

    • WHAT a MOMENT! Thanks for sharing!

    • I don’t understand why they are copying EH&SS songs. They need something newer & different.

      • Umm… that’s actually a Cathedrals song. Practically every group in Southern Gospel has done it at one time or another. It’s a modern-day classic.

        Doing classics is something that virtually every Southern Gospel group has to do at launch. Until you have a CD or two that contains new songs people want to hear, and that’s often not till after a debut concert, this is what you do to start the ball rolling.

      • Sorry, I worded that wrong. I know it is a Cathedrals song. I really meant the arrangement with the clapping, etc.

      • Ah, I see! Well, Ryan was a member of EHSS when they were cutting tracks for the project, though he left before the final vocals were cut and the project was released. So I suspect he liked the arrangement and wanted to sing it himself some time.

        At the same time, I’d agree that it is ideal for groups to have their own arrangements of songs. But when a group is just starting out, before they even cut their first project, they need to do something in the interim!

      • They’ve also done songs by GVB and Gold City, so its not just EHSS. Until they produce a new CD, there’s not much else they can do.

      • Strong debut [though they have sung this one better]. They are covering a lot of EHSS ground, never mind the tracks! A fair bit of “Stand by Me” influence in the mix, new material and their own “signature sound” will develop over time. The targetted demographic may be similar to EHSS as well, so they are playing wisely and safely.

        The lineup compares favourably to some of the best out there. Ryan is a top class lead, as we know – though maybe not with Ernie’s polish at Emcee. But that man McCune! While appearing to expend the least energy of any of them, the bass quality is top drawer.

        Top tier group, Top 5 bass singer? I think so. Sign them up for the JDS Quartet Show for sure!

      • You know, I’d even go a little farther. I would say that their tenor (Toby Hitchcock) and baritone (Andrew Goldman) are both top-20 as far as talent level goes, though of course neither has that recognition yet. Give both a few years and I wouldn’t be surprised to see both as top 10.

      • Hmmm, OK Daniel.

        For what it’s worth, if we break it down,
        Toby Hitchcock – Top 20 Tenor on the road at present.
        Ryan Seaton – Top 10 Lead.
        Andrew Goldman – Top 20 Baritone.
        Aaron McCune – Top 5 Bass.
        Roy Webb – Top 10 Accompianist.

        That averages Top 13 🙂 which for a group with 3 relative unknowns nd limited exposure is pretty awesome.

        A Top 10 berth inside a year or so is not impossible – collectively and individually. It is relatively unusual to have a top flight contender in each position. Quite often one quartet position gets ‘carried’. Even a few iterations of The Cats!

      • The more you hear of Andrew Goldman, I think the higher he’ll be on your list!

      • I completely agree about Goldman, Daniel. From the very beginning, he’s reminded me a lot of Doug Anderson.

  4. I have about 50 LPs, Tapes, and CDs, mostly Southern Gospel and mostly duplicates, that I would like to give away. But I don’t want to go to the trouble and expense of buying packaging and mailing them. Ideas? Anyone live in the general region and would like to meet at a concert? Anyone interested in seeing the list?

  5. I have only one complaint. They stated on their web site that their touring schedule will be “limited”, so that pretty much guarantees us out in the hinterlands of Suthern Gospel Music that we will not have an opportunity to attend a concert in the near future.

    By “hinterlands”, I refer to the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

    • If enough buzz is created, enough albums sold, etc.—things we all can impact by spreading the word—I doubt they would mind if there was so much demand that they had to go full-time to meet it! 🙂

  6. Here’s another video from their debut concert, this time with Hitchcock taking the lead on the classic hymn “It Is Well”:


  7. Sorry, I’ll stop posting videos after this one. Here’s a song Toby brought over from his days with Austin’s Bridge:

  8. Good luck to Union Street, but I am not sold on the name. Union Street sounds like a line of clothing…

    Speaking of names, dropping the J. D. Sumner name from the Quartet Show is for the best. I’m a huge fan of J. D., but I can think of at least a couple of reasons to not use his name. One reason is possible legal issues, unless his estate gave the right to use his name.

  9. I saw that you were going to do a CD review of a solo project by bass Justin Terry. Did he leave Crosses 4 Crowns and start singing solo, or is this just a solo CD he’s recorded while still being with the group?

    • I don’t know!

      • I found this website:

        Looking at Justin’s bio on his website, he has left Cross 4 Crowns and is now a soloist.

  10. Just listened to parts of the song clips on his website, and I’m kinda disappointed. Too high…….
    No, I didn’t listen to the samples all the way through, just the beginnings of each. Still, I was expecting to hear things keyed lower.

    • I think I am going to disagree. A bass soloist needs to use a melodic range if launching into a solo career.

  11. Yes, high songs can be good for a bass soloist.
    Pat Baker and Mike Jennings, although not soloists, do great on “How Big Is God”
    With high songs, you don’t have to worry every night if you can sing your songs on someone else’s P.A. (I’ve fought that fight wayyyyyyyy too much. Hate it when bass singers and people who are expert soundmen AREN’T running the system.)

    Sure, low cut the bass vocalist’s mic at 150 Hz and everything will be fine….AGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! And I’m supposed to sing down to 45 Hz on one song I’m singing tonight.
    Or worse yet, when people “muffel” the system by boosting to death the range between 100 and 200 Hz, and think that it’s GREAT BASS.
    No, GREAT BASS is being able to feel 60 Hz and below travel up your leg all the way into your chest and shake you to the core. Without it seeming “too loud”.
    I’m venting, yes…. I find it unfortunate that most SG people just don’t really care about making their preformance better by investing alot of time and effort in studying about Sound Reinforcement.

    Anyway, back on subject.
    I was at least hoping for some songs to be keyed lower on the CD. Not bottoming out on everything, but just keyed a little lower, with one or 2 deep sections on the CD.
    Take, for example, George Younce’s project “Day By Day” I’d say that most songs are keyed lower on that CD than on Justin’s. Also, there’s Tim Riley’s solo CD.
    Justin’s got some pretty high leads, especially on the Hinson covers.
    Yet, on another side of the coin, this shows his versitility. It hurts my voice to sing along with “Knowing What I Know About Heaven”…… he has a wide range.
    Still, if he’d done “Good New From The Graveyard”……or well. Maybe on the next CD.

    • Not to worry – he goes quite low at points, whenever he wants to. 🙂

  12. Daniel, can you tell me when Union Street Quartet will release their first cd. I live in Alberta, Canada and I have not found their cd in any of the christian bookstores. Neither have I found a cd release for Canton Junction Quartet. When are both these groups ecpecting to have their cd’s ready for release to buy?