Concert Review: Greater Vision (Lake Gibson, FL): Live Blog

Greater Vision (Lake Gibson, FL)Greater Vision is performing tonight in Lake Gibson, Florida; the concert is being streamed live online, here. We blogging this concert live! Here’s a set list with comments:

  • He Didn’t When He Could’ve Passed By: This toe-tapper opened Greater Vision’s latest mainline release, The Only Way. It just makes sense as a concert opener; it’s energetic and gives multiple members chances to shine. The live sound mix, at least as streamed online, is often an issue at Lake Gibson concerts. This time, tenor Chris Allman is hot in the mix—not that I’m complaining. He’s such a good singer that I’d go hear him live, even if all he was doing was singing the same harmony parts he’s singing here with Gerald and Rodney. At the same time, it sure would be nice to hear more of the melody. 🙂
  • I Could Never Praise Him Enough: Chris Allman steps forward on a song he wrote and recorded on Greater Vision’s 1995 album Take Him At His Word.
  • When They Ring the Bells of Heaven: Gerald Wolfe carries the melody on this one, and thankfully we can hear him in the mix now!
  • No Longer Chained: Rodney’s first feature of the night. I had wondered if Greater Vision would stage the long orchestral intro; it turns out they do. Gerald Wolfe uses it as a musical backdrop for his first extended remarks of the evening, then transitions to Rodney as the orchestral portion ends.
  • Introductions: Greater Vision just returned from a concert. Gerald Wolfe’s wife and children are watching online; he sent them a special message via the video screen that he indeed is not jaundiced and indeed doesn’t need liver pills!
  • Chris Allman (Greater Vision) singing "I Know a Man Who Can"

    Chris Allman singing "I Know a Man Who Can"

    I Know a Man Who Can: Chris Allman proves that if the song is good enough and the singer is good enough, you don’t have to have a huge, orchestrated soundtrack to tear the roof off and get a standing ovation.
  • His Eye is on the Sparrow: Chris Allman is featured on what Wolfe introduced as Allman’s grandfather’s favorite song. For this and the preceding song, Wolfe was playing piano, and there was no soundtrack. These moments are Greater Vision at its best!
  • The Only Way.
  • Gerald Wolfe shared one of his classic “I made that up” stories. (That line has become such a classic that, when Wolfe introduces a new story, the audience laughs at the punch line, but reserves the biggest laugh for that!)
  • It Pays to Pray. Gerald Wolfe set it up by saying that Rodney Griffin wrote both “Just Pray” and “It Pays to Pray” about the same man, his father-in-law. He prayed daily for his father-in-law’s salvation for over a decade. He wrote this song in faith; within a month after he completed it, his father-in-law became saved. His father-in-law passed away several days ago. (Mark Trammell filled in with Greater Vision for the cruise they just completed.) That makes this Griffin’s first concert back since the funeral; it’s a wonder he made it through the song.
  • He’d Still Been God. 
  • Offering/offertory.
  • My Name is Lazarus. After an extended offering and talk from the pastor, Greater Vision picked the perfect song to bring the audience back to life.
  • Greater Vision takes requests.

Other responsibilities come calling, so I’ll call it a night early. But it’s been a great program and a great evening!

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  1. Well, there must be more tactful ways to take up an offering! ….But I’ve enjoyed the great singing! : )

    • Just to be clear, it’s the host pastor being discussed here! Greater Vision is always classy.

      But yes, his offering requests can run 10 minutes or more.

  2. Yes! Looking back at my previous comment, I can see how that could have been phrased differently.

    Thanks Daniel! : )

    • No problem! I know the way you say things well enough that I knew there was no chance you would say that about Greater Vision (even if, unthinkably, they were less than tactful!) But there’s always that bystander who might not know!

  3. I have been watching these concerts on Saturday and Sunday evenings and wondered how members of the church can afford to pay $15 dollars (the pastors usually ask for this amount) per person per service every week. Especially when so many of the folks seem to be retiree’s. The church makes is possible for us to listen to many singers that I normally would not hear. I am a retiree myself and couldn’t afford to pay that amount every week. I pray God will provide for each quartet and the church.

  4. Mark Trammell filled in…that would have been good to hear.

    • It was on the cruise, not at the concert we live-blogged last night.

    • yeah, still would’ve been great. 🙂