Video: Nick Trammell fills in with Greater Vision

Greater Vision baritone Rodney Griffin’s father-in-law passed away shortly before last week’s Singing at Sea cruise. Original Greater Vision baritone Mark Trammell filled in for most of the cruise—with one exception. On one song, his son Nick, who sings with The Browns, came up. Normally, saves the video highlight of the week until the next Saturday News Roundup post, but this is far too strong to keep to ourselves for the next few days!

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  1. Bless his heart…Dad seems so proud and appreciative. 🙂

  2. Daniel, I believe it was his father in law that passed away.

    • OOPS! You’re entirely correct, and I’ll go edit now!

  3. Look at Gerald and Chris during the second verse when Nick mixes the last part of the first verse with the second. It was a reaction, but classy enough so the audience never knew. He sure does change their whole sound. Not sure I am a fan of him with GV. Nick was a better fit with the Perrys. I wouldn’t say it was an impressively strong performance, but it was interesting to see him singing with them. If there is a video of Mark singing that one, I definately want to see that.

    • I did think it was an impressive performance (which is why I posted it!) Here, he’s splitting the vocal difference between his father and Rodney.

      • I agree 100%
        His father is still the best of the best, but Nick certainly more than holds his own.

  4. I was so mad at myself for messing those words up! I knew it as soon as I started the line. Oh well! It was an awesome opportunity! Thanks Gerald!

    • That’s all right…if I got up there, I’d probably forget my own name.

    • You did a great job! … and “watermelon” would be the only thing I could have sung …

  5. Thanks Nick! You made us all proud!

  6. Ain’t that the way it goes? You slip on the words and they post it on the internet! Great singing, Nick. There’s lots of us young guys who would have loved to have been up there singing the wrong words!! You did great.

  7. It could be worse, Nick. I’ve been listening to that song since it first came out and if somebody asked me to write out the lyrics, I could do it with no problem. On the other hand, if I sing it, I always without fail, sing “He’d have still been God even if He’d never brought the crippled man to his knees”. I don’t know if it’s a mental deficiency or what.

    You sounded really good, though.