EHSS continues DVD rollout

Ernie Haase & Signature Sound has been trying an innovative marketing effort for Dream On, their upcoming CD/DVD release. A couple of months ago, they posted a movie-style trailer as a teaser. After 23,376 (or more) views, they’ve posted a complete song from the video (“The Old Landmark,” one of the songs they did at NQC):

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  1. Is it me, or does there seem to be an ongoing effort to keep Ernie lower than he used to be?

  2. Maybe he sounds lower, but I seem to think he was hitting several high E-flats or something in that territory through Get Away Jordan, the title track of their previous recording.

  3. Oh–and on that recording, he hit the highest recorded note of his career, a G above high C on “Happy Birthday Anniversary Too.”

  4. He just don’t like he’s straining and screaming near as much

  5. I think he still hits notes as high as before, if not higher, but comes to them a little less frequently.

  6. This seems like they are getting more contemporary. Of course I don’t follow them like I used too.

  7. Keep in mind folks, this man is in his 40’s. High notes don’t come as frequently or easily as you get older. Extend him a little grace!

  8. I never considered him a high note tenor, but he is singing as high as he ever did.

  9. Sounds decent. But the stage performance is killin me. Sorry.

  10. I’m not trashin’ Ernie. Just observing. He can still hit the high notes, just noticing the difference is all. My all-time favorite tenor, Danny Funderburk, doesn’t sing anywhere near as high as he used to, so it’s not something that I’m not aware of. Voices lower with age.

    As for the stage performance….I like natural dancing. I could live without choreography, but there’s no denying, it sells!!

  11. I can’t wait to get that DVD. I already pre-ordered it. I wish they did songs from the Influence CD… maybe next DVD.

    (Oh, btw I’m one of those who truely loves the on-stage choreography. I think it’s great.)

  12. Anybody recognize the piano player?

  13. Possibly Wayne Haun?

    He’s been touring as their piano player for the last 6 months or so.

  14. The pianist is Christopher Philips from Christ Church in Nashville. Wayne Haun played the keyboard and was the musical director for the video shoot. Christopher has played for the guys a time or two over the last couple of years.