Palmetto State Quartet reorganizes, adds three new members

Palmetto State Quartet (left to right: Mike Allen, David Staton, Casey Martin, Paul Lancaster, Larry Strickland, Jeremy Easley)

Palmetto State Quartet (left to right: Mike Allen, David Staton, Casey Martin, Paul Lancaster, Larry Strickland, Jeremy Easley)

This afternoon, the Palmetto State Quartet announced a major reorganization. Baritone/emcee David Darst and tenor Wesley Smith have both left the group; this is actually Smith’s second time to leave the group. After leaving when the group disbanded in 2007, he left the Dixie Echoes to return last July.

They will be replaced by three vocalists: Tenor Jeremy Easley, lead singer David Staton, and bass Mike Allen. Lead singer Paul Lancaster and bass singer Larry Strickland remain with the group, making it a five-man vocal ensemble. (Pianist Casey Martin also remains.)

Here’s the odd part: Through last September, Easley, Staton, and Allen formed 3/4 of the LeFevre Quartet. For a sneak peek at the new PSQ lineup, here’s a video of the three with Mike LeFevre

Another unique aspect, noted by the press release: “Not since Strickland’s Elvis days with the late J.D. Sumner and the Stamps has there been another vocal group that has featured two great bass singers.”

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  1. That’s actually Larry Strickland, not Rick.

    • Well, duh! Of course I knew that – it was just a typo. 🙂

  2. Hey. That is exciting to see Mike Allen with a big name group again.

  3. This is very cool!! Some good friends in that gang!! Go gettem boys!!!

  4. There are some great singers in this line-up. Glad to hear this for Palmetto State.
    Looking forward to hearing new things.

  5. Sure hope Mike Allen will still be in Gaither viedos

    • Over the last fifteen years or so, it seems that Allen and Gene McDonald have taken turns singing bass for the Homecoming Choir and backup vocals for the Gaither Vocal Band. After Gene left the Florida Boys, he drove Gordon Mote for at least a year or two, and ultimately brought him back on the Homecoming tour. Now that he’s filling that spot, it probably freed Allen up to join a group full-time.

  6. I know David Darst has gone back to Texas. Do you know the whereabouts of Wesley Smith?

    • There have been Wesley Smith sightings with Driven Quartet, apparently, but nothing official. He may be filling in.

  7. I can deal with GVB having five vocalists. They are a “vocal band.” But how does a “quartet” have five vocalists? Shouldn’t they change their name?

    • Larry may end up not singing all the time.

  8. Wow!!! What an awesome group of singers!

  9. I say add Ponder, Sykes and Wright to the group, and have two on every part! Just kidding. Excited for my old friend Larry and the group. When does the recording begin? w w w

    • Don’t know!

      • any word on a new CD or when they”ll be in Texas?

      • Don’t know about a CD; as to their schedule, I’d suggest checking their website.

  10. David Darst is such an annointed and amazing talent. Will miss seeing him in the group but looking forward to seeing him continue to bless many in the future. Dave is a friend from college so it was super exciting to follow his journey and to see him singing with the Judd’s.

  11. What a power house group!! God is moving.

  12. Excited to see this lineup, any idea when they will come to Texas to sing and any idea when they will put out a new CD?

  13. Heard them last night in PA … love, love, love !!!