Tim Greene Trio in bus accident

Tim Greene’s group was in a bus accident this morning outside Atlanta, Georgia. Two members, Stacy Sanders and Tim Greene, were on the bus; Tony Goforth was on his way to meet the group. Both Sanders and Greene are presently hospitalized but stable.

UPDATE: Tim was thrown through the bus windshield and is having surgery for severed muscles and tendons.

UPDATE 2: Tim came through surgery “fine.” Stacy had a hip fracture and a broken toe.

UPDATE 3 (3/2/12, 6:43 A.M.): Stacy did not have to have surgery. Despite his fractured hip and broken toe, the doctors have him up and walking. In addition to severed muscles/tendons, Tim had several broken ribs; however, he is recovering well enough that doctors expect to release him this morning. The bus accident was apparently caused by heavy winds; a gust of wind forced the bus onto a muddy shoulder, where muddy ground caused it to roll. Tim was thrown through the windshield and was under the bus when the troopers arrived!

(Information from Adoration Agency owner Sophia Davis’s Facebook page.)

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  1. From the Greenes FB page… “Report from Stacy on his condition…”initial report.. Fracture on outside of hip, hopefully no surgery. Broken toe. More tests to come.”

    • Thanks, Justin!

      • Now per Tony Goforth’s page, both are stable and staying at the hospital overnight for observation.

  2. At what time did that happen this morning, Daniel?

    • Don’t know. I heard about it around 11 or 12.

      • Well, thanks for keeping us posted!

  3. Terrible news. Praying for these guys. A great group of men with an incredible sound. I was planning on seeing them this weekend.

  4. Per The Greenes Music Facebook page Tim came through surgery “just fine”…

  5. Hate to hear. It was just a few days ago that Tim posted that they had been blessed with a new (to them) bus to travel on. As bad as it seems, it may have been even worse if they’d still been on a van. We never know what may come our way. Praying for a quick recovery.

  6. No disrespect to anyone…and maybe this question should go elsewhere…but does SG have more than their fair share of wrecks. I never really hear of other genres with artists having wrecks, but it seems SG has one every quarter or so. Am I imagining things?

    • JSR, I am sure they have plenty of accidents – perhaps more, since I think it’s safe to say there’s quite a bit less drinking and drugs in our genre than in many others!

      But I think we wouldn’t be following other genre’s accidents as closely. Put the shoe on the other foot. Unless you are in Atlanta, what percentage of your fans who love other genres of music but not SG would know about this particular accident?

      Also, musicians in many other genres – even musicians with comparable record and concert revenue – are less likely to put all their money into a bus!

      • Daniel, have you ever hung out with the Sogo bus drivers in the parking lot after hours at the Kentucky Expo Center during NQC week?

      • No! But if I wasn’t such an early bird, that would be something I would absolutely love to do one year! The bus drivers are some of the friendliest men in all of the genre, and as a fellow non-performing member of the industry, sometimes I think I can connect with some of them more easily than with people who are so talented in ways I’m not that I can’t help but look up to them! (Even if they’re a foot shorter than I am!)

    • As a christian artist that has done a lot of tours on a bus I think a reason for seemingly more SG wrecks as apposed to secular wrecks could be SG artists do a lot of their own driving and after performing and loading equipment and then getting behind the wheel of a 45 foot bus can raise the chance of having an accident severily. Why not have a driver? Some do but when ticket prices and purchases are low and diesel at an all time high that’s an expense that most groups don’t see as a luxury.

  7. Thanks for your prayers everyone. It came as quite a shock this morning when I got the news. Continue to pray for the guys as they are on the mend. I’m posting updates on our Facebook page. Continue to pray!

    • Thanks! I’m watching for updates and continuing to pray.

  8. Great to see Tim Greene singging again. Our prayers are with all involed. God Bless!

  9. Interested in hearing about Southern Gospel Groups.